How men get out of the friendzone

Often it happens to us we like a friend and we want to be more than just friends. We know their secrets, their good and bad moments, we are their confidants, we are there when they need us but we can not get her to notice us otherwise than as a friend.

How men get out of the friendzone

How men get out of the friendzone

How men get out of the friendzone


Here we’ll give you four tips to make your girl friend┬ásee you as a desirable man and not just a friend.

Pay attention, put these tips into practice and get ready for how to seduce a friend with these four foolproof tips.

Tip # 1: Change your look or dress specially for her

Often with our friends we feel very comfortable, so we do not mind being unkempt, they accept it as normal because we know what we are and do not care, but do you
want to know how to seduce a friend and leave the ” friendzone “?

Come on, fix your hair, maybe a cut, some nice clothes you could use, you have all the necessary information, use it.

Learn what kind of clothes your friend likes to see on the men she likes, what perfumes she likes. A woman is seduced by the eyes and the nose when she sees you dressed
the way she likes and smell your perfume when you approach, something is triggered in her brain, trust me.

Tip # 2 – Keep your distance and even a bit inaccessible

You wonder how it is that your friend is so in love with a guy that doesn’t even watch her or even doesn’t have time for her, when you’re always there and she’s not even interested.

Make yourself beg a little bit, go away for a few days or maybe weeks, make her missed you, to want to see you, generate feelings in her.

A bit of mystery and selflessness won’t do you bad, she will begin to ask you about your distance, she will want an approach, prepare to seduce a friend.

Tip No. 3 – Give him some jealousy

You’re always there for her and what do you gain with that? Be his confident, his friend …

Start talking to her about other girls but do not go overboard, do not sound smug nor tell her you went with 10 girls last weekend, show her that you have a life
that does not revolve around her and if she starts feeling jealousy, be direct, if she starts saying you’re too much for this or that girl, tell her that if she sees you like that, why she can not go out with you?

Tip No. 4 – Impress her

Nobody in the world will know better your friend than you, you have all the necessary information on how to seduce a friend and leave the “friendzone”.

Invite her to a place you know she loves, prepare some food that will melt her mouth, make her a gift she likes, without reasons or special events, take advantage of
of any opportunity to speak of issues the passionate her, try to stay alone with her, set the mood and get ready to learn how to conquer your friend.