Horrible Things All Women Hate Their Boyfriend Do

Women know the world of men is totally different from that of them, and when it comes to a relationship it is even more difficult to put herself in the other’s place. But if a man ever asks what things have hurt the most and could hurt a girl, we would have to be honest and open the trunk of memories with the worst rudeness a man ever did to her.

So in case, a man wonders why his girlfriend is so indifferent or angry with him if he “has done nothing”, we will confess to him the 10 hurtful things he has done to his girlfriend and he doesn’t realize it.

Horrible Things All Women Hate Their Boyfriend Do

1. When you don’t introduce her in public.

If she is your girlfriend you should always give her her place. For example: “I introduce you to Laura, my girlfriend.”

Don’t leave her standing next to you.

2. When you forget the anniversary.

This only shows that you have no interest in the relationship; And if you do not want her to begin to doubt the relationship, it is better that you vindicate yourself in time and surprise her.

3. When you don’t compliment her.

Do not come to her house saying: “hurry up we are late”, without knowing the series of things she had to do to look pretty to go out with you.

4. If you don’t indulge her a little when she’s on her days.

And by a jerk, we mean the phrase: “Leave the drama, are you in your days?” But if you are a smart guy, you will know that ignoring her is like giving her to understand that in difficult moments she is alone.

5. When you are “friends” with your ex.

Women understand each other. Perhaps your ex behaves with you like a whole “good friend”, and you believe in her intentions of a cordial and friendly relationship with you; however, this is something that your girlfriend will never understand.

If you do “good things that seem bad,” they really aren’t good.

6. If you have admiring “friends”.

It is fine that you have friends, but it is not worth that the girl is super close and affectionate with you. If she is your true friend and she loves you so much, she will respect you when you have a new relationship and will keep a cordial distance out of respect for you, your girl, and her friendship with you.

7. When you leave her hanging for your friends.

Of course, you will want to go out with your friends, but if you have agreed to go pick up your girlfriend, keep your word; this way she will not lose confidence in you.

8. If you ignore her photos with you.

When she uploads photos with you it is because she is in love, and you will disappoint her if you ignore one or two nice words that she dedicated to you publicly on Facebook or Instagram. Be a gentleman and answer her as she deserves.

9. When you don’t want to dance with her.

Women know that not all men are given the dance, but they appreciate it when you try. You could take your girl dancing at least once.

10. When you forget the details and gifts she gives you.

As corny as her gift is, it’s annoying for her to find out that it never comes out of your closet, or that you never touch it again. She will take into account your care and appreciation.