Hidden Desires Of Women

 All human beings have experienced the sensation of wanting something without anyone knowing. It is a natural matter, both in men and women. However, when it comes to knowing what the hidden desires of each gender are, are the preferences different?


Since the mid-80s, the team of researchers led by William B. Arndt, Elaine Good and John Foehl of the University of Missouri (United States), pointed out that fantasies are not homogeneous, and that their origin depends on a multitude of variables, among them, the personal habits and customs, the personality or the sex of each person.

In addition, these researchers were the first to point out that women who had more fantasies were those who enjoyed a fuller sexual life, had more orgasms and were more satisfied.

What do they dream with?

The world of sexual fantasies is disturbing. Therefore, from the hand of several experts, such as the aforementioned and the leading researchers in human behavior and sexuality Harold Leitenberg and Kris Henning, we tell you what are the five hidden desires of women:

Hidden Desires Of Women

1. To have sex with other women.

Fantasizing about the idea of making love with another woman does not reveal repressed homosexuality. It is a stage that most people experience because human nature is bold and curious.

2. Maintain encounters with strangers or role plays.

Many women, often married, dream of sharing their lives with another man.

He is usually a complete stranger, an idealized lover, and it is that anonymity that allows them to transgress all norms.

3. Experience situations of submission and domination,

as long as they do not involve real damage or prejudice. Hence the success of books like “The 50 Shades of Gray”.

4. To have sex in a public place and be discovered.

Making love in an alley, a cinema, a train … with the fear of being discovered naked has a morbid component to which it is impossible to resist.

It is a very common fantasy that can hide a certain need for exhibitionism.

5. Make love with a uniformed, preferably, fireman.

What will the uniforms have?

Actually, it is about men in the exercise of their profession and it has to do with the erotic of power.

The uniform prints character and women usually associate it with authority.

Many women are attracted to men who fall into this ‘category’ because they symbolize power, virility, and domination, but also respect because they have a vocation for service and admiration also comes into play here.