Habits of men that women hate

There is a saying that says “Men are from Mars and women from Venus”, that is why women often find themselves in situations in which they can not stand men, then we will tell you some of them.

Habits of men that women hate

Habits of men that women hate

Habits of men that women hate

1. Not remembering details.

If you forget the special dates, places where you have been or her favorite ice cream flavor, it will surely unleash a storm, for women, not remembering details is a sign of lack of interest.

2. Scratching your private parts.

Girls are more susceptible to seeing many things as dirty or unpleasant, which is why they do not like at all actions like “raskingball”.

3. Paying more attention to the cell phone than to her.

We have all fallen into the clutches of technology and smartphones have an attraction that produces addiction, however, even if girls do too, nothing will anger a woman more than seeing you watching your phone while you are with her.

4. Bad habits in the bathroom.

The shared bathrooms are another trigger for fights and conflicts, every girl will be upset if you leave the toilet lid up, do not put the toilet paper on the holder, or simply do not keep the mirror clean.

5. Not taking care of your appearance.

Women spend a lot of time dressing and putting makeup on to look perfect, however, they do not always receive the same courtesy in return and that bothers them.

Value the hours of hairdressing, gym, and shopping of her and worry about your appearance, dress well, take care of your skin and do something with that baldness problem, remember that hair implants are an option that will leave that problem behind permanently.

If you want to have happy and lasting relationships try to change a bit these bad habits that bother women.

(Source: http://hairdoctors.com.com)