Getting played by a woman – 7 Signs that a woman is using you

Have you found yourself in a relationship where you were constantly behind her, giving her all the time in the world and behaving like a “bread of God”? What were you receiving in return? ¿Countless psychological games, drama and inconsistent and uneven emotional response?

Getting played by a woman

Getting played by a woman

Getting played by a woman


Although most women ensure that want to be with a man who treats them well, affectionate and willing to compromise, there are selfish, opportunistic and cruel women who take advantage of these innocent bastards, absorbing everything they have to offer, either professional, economic, social or lovingly.

Although women are wonderful and amazing, there is a downside to some, I repeat, Some of them prefer potentiate the maximum and the sooner you realize this, my friend, much better as it will save you time, money and will avoid you a totally unnecessary emotional wear that sometimes can even destroy you, in extreme cases and that are not rare at all.

To stop with this evil female conspiracy, we decided to elaborate a little guide not to fall or if you already fell, so you’re able to escape the clutches of these parasites women who only want to take advantage of you.

1. Cancels dating with you.

On several occasions she tells you how interested she is in seeing you, however, when you call her to make a date, she cancels last minute or always comes something from nowhere to prevent you meet unless she needs something that you have or you can provide. Chances are that this woman does not enjoy your company and for that reason avoids meetings at all costs, but if she needs something, even something silly, if she really needs it, quickly finds a way to reach you.

2. Does not return your calls.

If a woman rarely return your calls within a reasonable time, always has a busy schedule and only calls when she wants something from you or needs a favor, it should be clear she can be with you, but you are not and never will be a priority in her life and when you least expect will give you a kick in the butt and send you flying, can be any time. When a more interesting guy appears and makes a proposal, goodbye. In such situations the best thing to do is avoid getting involved emotionally, and as she’s using you, then use her too, but if you’re like most men who are looking for a serious woman to commit: end once for all and don’t wait for the inevitable, someday she will eventually send you to hell.

3. Only goes out with you as a last resort.

A woman who really likes and enjoy your company organizes her time to be with you. But if she just makes plans with you at the last moment, because nothing better emerged or plans with her friends didn’t materialize she doesn’t take you at all seriously and worse, you’re nothing but a toy in her hands to be used when she’s boring. You must understand that for a woman who treats you like that, you are not regarded as a man but as a last resort, the last option and nothing more.

4. She is only interested in what you can offer.

In a normal, healthy relationship there is an alternation in the exchange of energy, emotional investment, and of course, financial investment, however, there are many situations in which the woman sees the man only as a supplier, a simple bridge that allows her reaching tickets, meals, drinks or even worse, you pay the rent for the apartment that she uses to be with other men.

Be sincere and ask yourself the following questions: Do you always buy things for her without getting anything in return? You always pay when you go out together and often spend more than you planned? Did she already borrowed money, but never got to pay? Is it that she will stop being with you if you stop spending money on her? The answers to these questions can be surprising and frightening, but can free you, so think about it and make a decision, choose to be happy.

5. Makes plans, but none of them include you.

If she only has short-term plans for the relationship, and never addressed the issue of her future as a couple, then clearly you are not being taken seriously, wants nothing to do with you and maybe thinks she would be better without you.

6. Never introduces you to anyone.

Not allowed to participate in her life, she does not present you with friends and family, and the worst is when you already been together for a long time and her mother asks who you are and immediately responds that you’re just a friend. Bad sign, because when women really like a man one of the things she enjoys the most is to is present him to friends and family, if she does nothing more than preventing you from interacting with important people for her, you can be sure she does not take you seriously, you know what to do.

7. Loves appearing with you in front of other guy, but when the subject is not present she completely ignores you.

If she strives to exhibit herself with you in front of another guy, but when that third party person is out of sight she starts to ignore you, then it is because she wants nothing to do with you and more obvious than that is impossible, you are simply a tool she shamelessly uses to provoke jealousy. It is very easy to see when you’re in this kind of situation, so I want you to be honest with yourself and answer the following question: When you are together she gives you more attention or seems to be aware of who is watching her or failing to look at her? The answer to this question can clarify a lot. Do not fool yourself, my friend, begin to see things as they really are.

I hope these tips will be very useful and become real lessons to never be deceived by women who are not worth it. It is easy to be in those situations when you are in love blindly.