Gestures That Keep A Woman Happy

The woman is the most complicated being in the entire universe, but we must love her and not question her, besides if she is happy, the world is happy.

Women are unpredictable, right? One minute they are happy and the next they go crazy, but it is said that a woman should be loved and not understood.

With that said here are some tips to keep your better half happy. Well at least if you want to have more sex, unlimited happiness, and clean clothes.

Gestures That Keep A Woman Happy

1. Remove the words “always” and “never” from your vocabulary.

When you and Mary argue, avoid these words. First, technically they are not accurate. But more important are words that serve to ignite the fire of the argument. In the same way of using those words, you can use phrases like “sometimes I feel” or “I would like to”.

2. Pay more attention to her.

Most likely, after a workday, you arrive home exhausted.

You take a second to browse through the mail and proceed to ask the same as always “how was your day?”, accompanied by a kiss. But let’s be real, you only give her a fraction of your attention and that’s not enough. Also, remember women will always want more.

3. Laugh with her.

Among the most affirmative things a person can do for another is to laugh at that person’s humor attempts.

Many men forget to do this over time. Remember that laughter is required for a healthy life, it is also an excuse to see your wife’s beautiful smile.

4. Roar like a lion.

Every now and then a husband has to become fierce and protect his team.

It won’t happen very often but when you’re in a confrontational situation where soft words and reason have failed, you have to be prepared to defend your family.

5. She needs closeness to feel sexual.

Remember that love is a puzzle that cannot be explained. But what you see you do not ask and if she likes to be curled up in your arms, do not let her down. Remember that you will have your reward.

6. Touch her more.

Apparently we don’t touch women enough, except when we explore their body before having sex. Sexual touch is powerful and can excite her soul which results in physical arousal later.

Take her hand, caress her back, play with her hair and rub her cheek. Let your imagination fly, remember that not everything is sex.

7. She is not broken, don’t try to change her.

People rarely change, unless they feel accepted. Once someone feels that change is not a requirement, it is when growth occurs.