Gestures That Cowardly Men Have

Men sometimes let themselves be carried away by their fears and make mistakes, which in general women perceive as ‘cowardly gestures’. We present you the most common:



Gestures That Cowardly Men Have

1. Fear of commitment.

The fear of seeing yourself in a serious relationship and not knowing how to carry it make you miss many relationships that could be fruitful. In the long run, the only thing you will achieve is to feel alone.

2. Indirectly breaking the relationship.

Whether by text message, email, or other than face-to-face, he will not have to face his partner’s questions and she will assume that silence or supposed indifference, when he does not answer, means that everything is over.

3. Lack of respect and humiliation.

It is the worst manifestation of cowardice since it only shows that you are unable to respect and value another person.

4. Breaking up before the wedding.

Being close to such a big commitment can scare anyone, but there is nothing more cowardly than ending the relationship days or weeks before everything is planned; It is surprising that someone realizes that he is not ready after so much time together. Despite this, for a woman, it would be best, because ultimately it was inevitable.

5. Fear to loneliness.

Just as there are those who fear commitment, there are those who fear to be alone and looking for relationships to fill that emotional void and never truly fall in love with someone.