Gestures That Betray A Woman In Love

Knowing the gestures and with it, the non-verbal language of a Woman is the key to knowing when to try to take another step in our task of seduction.

Gestures That Betray A Woman In Love

Gestures That Betray A Woman In Love

For this reason, I am going to give you some information so that you can know what the woman does when she is interested in a Man.

Gestures That Betray A Woman In Love

1. Gaze.

The Woman initiates her gestures of coquetry with elusive sidelong glances when they are noticed by the man.

However, when a certain response has been found in him, fixed and brief glances alternate.

2. An Open Look.

When the woman feels a lot of attraction for her partner, she opens her eyes in an exaggerated way:

With a bow of eyebrows, the woman exaggerates the look.

The result is a look similar to that of children, which promotes their youth and a supposed “submission”.

3. There is nothing like a flirtatious smile.

They are different types of smiles:

These range from infantile giggles, to open smiles and laughter for no reason.

Even, there is one that already has a name: shy smile, which consists of lowering the head, with half-opened eyes and then covering her mouth with one hand.

With this game, the woman tries to “play hard.”

4. An arrangement to the Dress.

The woman looks for the way to call the attention to the man who attracts her, for that, she fixes her clothes, although these are neither wrinkled nor in a bad state, so that the man pays attention to her body.

The most daring can raise their skirts a little when they realize they do not receive the attention they want.

5. Wet Lips.

Another way to get the attention of the Man is to moisten her lips with the tongue:

It is a way of drawing attention to an area that for many biologists is a facial mirror of the female genitals, which communicates a stage of sexual maturity and interest in sex.