Gestures of a gentleman that melt the woman

Although it may not seem like it, pleasing a woman is only a matter of a boy being a gentleman.

By leaving aside the slob and rude you will open the possibility to conquer that woman.

There are twelve gestures that make women feel and for which every girl ‘melts down’.

Gestures of a gentleman that melt the woman

1. Open the car door.

If you take her somewhere, please open the door to get off the car.

It is not that women are useless but they appreciate that a man worries about making them feel comfortable.

2. Feed them in the mouth.

I do not consider a woman a baby, but it makes them feel rich if you give her the last bite of her favorite dessert in her mouth.

It makes them want to coddle you just the same.

3. Be sociable with the family.

That he loves to talk to her grandmother or that he has the initiative to invite her mother to dinner, is the best.

It pleases her that you like to be part of her family and that you do not stand stiff in a corner of the room.

4. That you do not dislike watching romantic movies.

It is not expected that every man likes romantic things, but every once in a while watching a love movie is good to liven up the day instead of just horror or action movies.

5. Giving her flowers.

For a woman is a great surprise to receive roses when she was waiting for you and you were late.

Instead of feeling the discomfort of routine, her mind clears and she smiles when she sees a beautiful bouquet.

6. Walk on the outside of the sidewalk.

Only the one who is a real gentleman changes places when walking on the sidewalk with a girl.

It is the way that men protect women.

7. Kiss her forehead.

This kiss means that he loves her and is very special when time passes and he keeps doing it.

8. Be attentive to her.

A woman loves that her partner has his own opinion.

They do not like to be with someone who is shy to talk and does not know what interesting topics to propose.

9. Cover her when she is cold.

This detail makes her feel special to you.

If a man shows that he cares about her in detail, she wants to return the gesture twice.

10. Remember the special dates.

Women like you to bring them something or have something planned for their birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and even more if it is her mother’s birthday.

11. Do not talk rude or jargon.

A gentleman thinks before speaking and can not address a lady roughly as if he were dealing with a girl he just met on a street that transits women of evil living.

12. Recognize your mistakes.

Since he is a good-hearted person, he has no problem recognizing his mistakes and asking for forgiveness or correction.