Foods to increase sexual pleasure

Food is definitely one of the most important factors when enjoying a good sexual experience.

As well as there are recommendations of what foods you should not eat before the sexual act, such as beans, energy drinks or cheese, there are foods that on the contrary, generate a good reaction and can help to increase sexual libido.

According to several investigations, the consumption of foods that have some vitamins and properties, help to promote orgasms, increase desire and improve sexual performance, mostly it is about plant foods.

Foods to increase sexual pleasure

1. Peppers (chili).

The consumption of different natural peppers or any other type of spicy food contributes to the body temperature increases and also activates the metabolism, which means that the moment can be more ‘hot’ between the couple.

2. Watermelon.

This fruit is very beneficial for sexual development thanks to the citrulline that inside the organism is transformed into arginine, a compound that serves as a vasodilator and fundamentally helps the male erection.

3. Celery.

This vegetable is known as a sexual enhancer and is used in different erectile dysfunction treatments.

In addition, according to Dr. Alan Hirsch, author of the book “Scentsational Sex”, “when eating celery, you release molecules in your mouth that smell of androstenone and androstenol, and these travel to the back of your throat and nose.”

Who adds, “Once there, pheromones accelerate your excitement and cause your body to send out smells and signals that make you more attractive to women.”

4. The citrus.

Orange, lemon or strawberries are fruits rich in vitamin C, which stimulate the endocrine glands responsible for regulating sexual appetite.

In addition, when eaten during sexual games, these are flavors desired by many couples.

5. Nuts.

The body can not produce omega 3 naturally, but nuts are a source of it, consuming them helps treat erectile dysfunction problems.

Another of the health effects of the consumption of this fruit rich in vitamin E is the protection of sperm.