Foods That Cause Impotence

Sexual impotence is a disorder that can cause problems in the sexual and mental life of any person. Many times the food we eat causes these problems and avoiding them or stopping them from overheating would be the solution.

Next, we tell you which are the 5 main Foods That Cause Male Impotence.

Foods That Cause Impotence

1. Potatoes.

Although they are delicious, eating them in excess could cause us sexual impotence. Especially the exaggerated consumption of fries, because they produce circulatory problems that have an impact on the perfect function of the sexual organs.

2. Junk food.

In addition to causing obesity and clogging our arteries. It creates erectile dysfunction.

3. Chicken.

Especially the skin area, it contains large amounts of saturated fats, which are not recommended if we want to have a healthy sex life.

4. Alcohol.

In addition to producing erectile dysfunction, it produces vitamin A deficiency, which is responsible for male sterility.

5. Foods with salt.

The sodium found in salt is primarily responsible for the majority of people suffering from sexual impotence.