Foods That Affect Your Erections

These are the 5 foods that directly affect “your best friend” so try to be careful with them.

In life there is nothing like a good erection, it is everything to keep everything in order, sexual impotence is an issue that as men grieves us a lot, just thinking about it makes us goosebumps.

Actually, there are many factors that can cause a bad erection, age, health conditions, and let me tell you, unfortunately also the food can be causing flaccid erections and short duration.

Next, we will list a list of foods that have declared war on a firm and quality erection.

Foods That Affect Your Erections

1. Microwave popcorn.

We know that (Netflix is = a Sex how Popcorn is = a Netflix) but in this equation, there is a variable that does alter the product.

Popcorn is one of the enemy foods of strong erections, this is because the inside of its bags contains a chemical called perfluoroalkyl acid (PFOA) that can cause more or less testicular cancer, there’s nothing more to add, be careful or there will be no more Netflix, or sex, or anything.

2. Fried food.

Studies indicate that an obese person tends to have more problems in sexual performance, this is due to the interference of fat in the veins, which makes the circulation weaker and consequently weak erections.

Be careful when eating foods high in fat.

3. Diet sodas.

If this is your solution to stop being chubby, I warn you to look for another way urgently, since studies have proven that diet soda can interfere with the performance of your member since they contain much more sugar and fructose than “regular” soda.

4. Alcohol.

Sorry drinker friend, but it is my duty to tell you that alcohol is one of the main substances that affect quality erections, this is because it works as a depressant, and as such is responsible for decreasing the pumping of blood through the body, obviously affecting the erections.

According to studies of ‘Harvard University’, 70% of the constant consumers of alcohol present problems with their little “friends”.