Flirting signals women send

Many times it is enjoyed more by the person who does it than by the person with whom she is flirting since the signs and hints are not always easy to decipher.

Flirting signals women send.

1. Do not always look for subtle movements.


“If a girl says: ‘I really want to see that movie! But none of my friends wants to see hit. ‘Actually, she’s asking you to invite her to the movies. ”

Sometimes, women can be a little shy to say things directly.

Although it takes you an extra effort, try to always pay attention to what she says and you will find more information than you thought you had.

2. Attentive to physical contact.


When a woman seeks “casual” physical contact with a male, it means that she wants to get your attention in a subtle way.

They do not have to be a strong smash, sometimes a simple touch is what they need to start a conversation.

3. Look at her body language.


Playing with her hair, biting her lips, pointing her feet towards you, are just some body messages that indicate that she is interested.

4. Starts and does not stop talking.


This is valid if you already have had more than a meeting with her and the initial nervousness has passed.

When you meet again and she does not stop talking, making jokes and telling you how her day was, it is because she has a real interest in you and wants to integrate you into her life, she wants you to know more about her and you get closer.

5. She is not afraid to say her feelings for you.


“I have no idea what happens.”

I’m sure she’ll laugh because she’s afraid of not being reciprocated in the same way, but that’s not going to stop her from telling you what she feels.

6. Out of the blue asks for your number.


Another pretty obvious sign of interest, but that some still do not notice.

There’s not much to explain: if she wants your phone number, she wants to talk to you and meet you.

7. Always runs into you.


When a woman knows what she wants, although she is not always good at saying it, she seeks it.

She will find the way to be with you, how to run into you if you work nearby or appears at that party that you did not expect to see her.

She will be present in your life.

When she starts talking more about some “casual” encounter, it’s because she’s interested in yourself.

8. She proposes you to get together alone.


“If I like a boy, I invite him to go out with me somewhere, instead of inviting my friends.”

When a girl does not hesitate to ask you to go with her for a coffee, to walk in the park or to the movies, she is demonstrating an obvious interest in you and to know you better.

9. Sneaky looks.


It is obvious that when something catches her attention, she can not take her eyes off it.

And this is also when she is meeting someone, or she is about to do it.

If you are at a party and you feel her eyes constantly on you, it is time to approach and talk to her.

10. Organizes plans that you like.


Suddenly, the woman you go out with invites you an entire afternoon to your favorite place, the one you never thought you could take her.

She is attentive to what you say as you take her sleep away, and a great strategy of conquest is to adapt to your tastes.