Factors that affect male sexuality

Male sexuality has always been marked by a series of myths that have given it characteristics, sometimes wrong. This causes certain fears and situations that affect male sexual performance.

The fear of not fulfilling the expectations causes that, according to Dr. Raul Valdebenito, urologist of the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile, anxiety to be present in the sexual life of men, forgetting that sex is an art full of skills and abilities that should be learned.

Therefore, in Salud180.com we present some factors that affect male sexuality:

Factors that affect male sexuality

1. Active and experienced women in bed,

Take the security away from men which are accustomed to taking sexual initiative, which generates discomfort, worry, and anxiety in many men.

2. Having a poor performance in bed.

Good sex is something that should be practiced and having the knowledge to perform correctly, and these are learned through communication with the couple and observation during sex.

Many men do not take this into account.

3. The psychological aspect of a man is, generally, his main problem when maintaining a good sexual relationship.

Their fears about poor performance, their expectations, rejection and female dissatisfaction or the fear of being compared with previous sexual partners, mark their way of acting.

4. Fear of sexual dysfunctions.

In general, men respond almost instinctively, with premature ejaculation being frequent, especially if the relationships are sporadic and due to anxiety.

5. Concerns and stress.

From the age of 30, a man generally lives a relationship of couple and an intense work life.

Work and economic concerns generate stress, which affects sexual performance.

Nowadays, all sexual dysfunction has a solution. Medications, intraspinal injections, or air devices may be used, among other things.

Men’s sexual insecurity can be addressed through behavioral, couple, or medication therapy, according to specialists.

(Source: https://www.salud180.com)