Exercises to stop premature ejaculation

Exercises to stop premature ejaculation are the healthiest way to make your sexual relationship a satisfying moment.

Of course, all men can sense an orgasm approaching, at which point they only have a few short seconds to decide whether or not to continue.

However, not all men are in control of their limb stimulation. Sometimes ejaculating after giving your partner a degree of pleasure seems almost impossible to them.

Even, it is an issue that affects emotions, the woman may doubt the masculinity of her partner while the man loses self-confidence.

Exercises to stop premature ejaculation

1. Masturbation:

It is a therapy that controls the sensitivity of the penis. When you are about to climax, interrupt the moment and relax. Repeat the process over and over until you are able to control it. In this way, you will know the exact moment you ejaculate and so you can control it.

2. Breathing:

We all know that when orgasm approaches, the heartbeat increases. Take a deep breath to get your heartbeat back to normal.

3. The mind:

The mind influences the act, stay away from thoughts like “I can not stand it” or “what will my partner say.” Look for different words or remember images that are not related to sexual intercourse, that will calm anxiety a bit.

4. In the midst of sex:

When you are in sexual intercourse, penetrate slowly and deeply, make gentle hip movements. It will make you last a little longer from the first moment.

5. Combined:

Your sexual potency will be improved if you combine exercises. For example, you can combine breathing with deep penetration. You can also make other combinations.