Exercises For A Body Language Of Male Seduction

If you want to communicate non-verbally that you are an alpha man, you have to make a change in your attitude.

The simplest way to communicate that you are an alpha man is to have the mentality of an alpha man.

That is the secret to acquiring a body language of male seduction.

Next, we offer 3 exercises taken from the book “Keys of Seduction”, of Milos Montero and Roberto RĂ­os, so you can change your posture and your look, which are the basic pillars of your non-verbal communication, so that you communicate that you are an alpha man.

Here are the exercises to acquire a body language of male seduction:

Exercises For A Body Language Of Male Seduction

1. Maintain an upright posture.

No stooping, that disgusts women.

Keep the spine straight and pull out the chest but stay relaxed, with lowered shoulders.

This posture shows that you are sure of yourself and that you feel comfortable in your own skin.

For a month pay attention to your body posture and stay erect and relaxed.

Avoid raising the shoulders because that is a sign of tension.

2. Learn to make eye contact.

This is one of the secrets of masculine seduction body language.

You have to practice eye contact with others and especially with women.

Make eye contact with some person when you are on the street or on public transport. Stare at one eye and then the other. Remember to blink to not look like a weirdo.

If someone is upset or asks you why you look at it, tell her you confused her with a friend. If you do the exercise with a woman, hold her gaze until she puts it down.
And relax, the purpose of the exercise is not to intimidate anyone but to demonstrate security by making contact with others.

3. Own the space.

This exercise will allow you to have a more alpha body language.

For a month, when you enter a public place imagine that you are the owner of that site, for which you can get comfortable, lean on a piece of furniture, lower your shoulders, look people in the eye, smile and talk to them.

The idea is that you learn to feel comfortable in any place and situation.