Excuses women use to leave a man

Many women resort to common excuses to end a relationship.

Precisely, here we present a list of the 10 most common excuses.

On the other hand, take note of the best excuses for a woman not to go on a date and avoid the second one.

Excuses women use to leave a man

Excuses women use to leave a man

Excuses women use to leave a man

1 – The friendship.

Some women resort to friendship to end a relationship.

“It is better that we remain just friends”, is a very common phrase in this regard.

2. Brothers.

When a woman says to a man “I love you like my brother”, in a very subtle way she is closing all the doors to thinking about a relationship.

3. The professional career.

When a woman does not know what to say to end a relationship, she usually relies on her work.

“I want to dedicate myself to my professional life”, is a very useful phrase in these circumstances.

4 – Take the blame.

How to end a relationship without hurting your partner?

Some women think that the best way to do it is to blame themselves.

“It’s not you, I’m the one to blame,” is a fairly common phrase.

5 – The boyfriend.

Some women prefer to invent a boyfriend to avoid the proposal of some unfortunate suitor.

6 – The complications of life.

Some women argue that their life is already complicated enough to add another concern.

“I already have too many complications to start a relationship,” is the phrase you hear in these cases.

7 – Not “that” way.

Instead of saying things directly, some women prefer to avoid this situation.

In those cases, it is common to hear the phrase “you do not attract me in that way”.

8 – Work colleagues.

Some women often argue that they do not date co-workers to drastically curb unwanted flirting.

9 – Age.

Everyone knows that there is no age for love.

However, some women resort to age difference as an argument to leave a man.

10 – Phobias.

If a woman does not like something about you but does not want to tell you, she can resort to the strategy of phobias.

Indirectly, she blames herself for her partner’s shortcomings, to get out of that uncomfortable situation as soon as possible.

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