Emotional Infidelity: Are You An Accomplice And You Didn’t Know?

If you are worried about ruining the friendship with your friend, you want to know if she likes you or you want to know if you are at risk of aggression from her boyfriend, see the following points and you will have a clearer idea.

“It is easy to talk about infidelity and believe that you are clean when it is not something physical but emotional infidelity happens more than you think”.

Problems of emotional infidelity with friends

Friendships between opposite sexes are very common but can generate complications, especially if your friend is not single and usually spends as much time with you as with her partner. The curious and delicate of emotional infidelity is that in some cases it is not so easy to detect.

Some of the problems that could be born of emotional infidelity are the following:

  • Jealous boyfriend who wants to hit you.
  • Your friend believes that you also see her as something else.
  • You fall in love with her while she has a boyfriend.
  • Not clarifying things can ruin the friendship.
  • Both get confused and have a hard time.

As you see, it would be better to realize it before this happens. So how do you know if your friend is cheating emotionally by cheating on her boyfriend with you?

Emotional Infidelity Are You An Accomplice And You Didn’t Know

1. She talks to her boyfriend about you.

Pay attention when you talk to her, if she tells you that she usually talks about things about you two with her boyfriend it could be an early sign of emotional infidelity, especially if it’s things that do not have relevance.

You can expect interest in you but from her boyfriend.

2. Her boyfriend or partner already knows everything about you.

On one occasion a friend told me: “Yes, my boyfriend says he has a friend who knows you and he already knows everything about you” and she found it funny.

This may be the result of an unconscious interest in her towards you that her boyfriend has already noticed and, by the way, has sent somebody to investigate you.

3. She lies when she goes out with you.

If she tells you that she “escaped” since her boyfriend would not have given her permission to see you, you can be sure that every time he hears your name an argument is generated.

At this point, she enjoys your company so much that she prefers to lie to her current partner before she stops seeing you, which is a strong indicator of emotional infidelity.

4. She begins to see flaws in her partner.

All relationships have ups and downs and sometimes unintentionally we do things that make our partner lose interest for us but if suddenly it seems that she can not stop finding flaws in her relationship or her partner, it is very likely that she is more intrigued by having a relationship with you than to improve things with her current partner.

If what you really want is to have a relationship with her, you probably think that this is the perfect time to say something but be careful, you could put a lot of pressure on her and confuse her since it is not easy for any woman to end a relationship, especially if her boyfriend already knows about you.

5. Does special things for you.

It is not from another world that friends are fond and favors are made to each other.

But if she starts doing special things that she does not do for her current partner anymore, she is likely to think of you as something more than a friend.

Meditate a little if the details or the treatment that she has with you is of an ordinary friendship or is something more “special”.

6. She fixes herself up a lot for you.

This is a bit confusing since you have to observe very well.

But if your friend is not one of the girls who are super-groomed all the time, but every time you see her she fixes herself to the maximum, she is probably doing it for you.

A clearer signal is if she asks you how you like it best (Example: “Chinese or straight hair?”)

And then you discover that she fixes herself for you to like her.

7. Constant electronic contact.

A very special aspect of friendship is that you know that even when you are not in constant contact with your friends, the day you need them they will be there.

Think about the talks you have with her, if you talk daily even when there is nothing to talk about, your relationship may be more like that of a couple. Think if it is possible that she is sending more messages to you than she sends to her boyfriend.

Emotional infidelity is distinguished from the physical or carnal infidelity that we all know because it is based on thought or feelings. This makes it sometimes difficult to realize what is happening but if she has constant contact with you it is obvious that she is thinking of you.