Emotional Causes That Trigger Erectile Dysfunction

Most men report at least one episode of erectile dysfunction in their life. Although many of them are completely healthy, there are emotional factors that can affect them and as a result, an erection does not occur.

Depression and anxiety are two of them. Salud180.com tells you what they are for you to take measures in this regard.

Emotional Causes That Trigger Erectile Dysfunction

1. Problems with the couple:

Fights, anger, sadness, lack of confidence, are factors that directly influence erectile dysfunction.

It is difficult to have sex when you are not well with your partner, as this decreases the attraction towards the other person.

2. Depression:

If you take into account that the main sexual organ is the brain, it is understood that if you have depression, the chemicals responsible for sending sexual response messages to your genital organs, does not work properly.

For this reason, many men with depression lose sexual desire. In addition to this, most antidepressant medications also favor erectile dysfunction.

3. Low self-esteem:

Having a negative image of yourself, doubting your abilities, affects your sexual performance.

Learn to value yourself and to love yourself, in this way you will feel at ease with yourself and will be reflected when making love.

4. Stress:

Stress is often inevitable, however, to have satisfactory sex you must disconnect from all the problems of the office, home, money, etc.

5. Anxiety:

Most men worry about their performance in bed and this causes them anxiety.

This feeling completely inhibits the erection.

Erectile dysfunction is not only a physical issue but also an emotional one.

Remember that to have a full and satisfying sex life, you should relax and mainly enjoy it.

If the problem persists do not hesitate to go immediately to your doctor to provide the appropriate treatment.