Dressing mistakes men should avoid

Do you want to look irresistible and all women die to go out with you?

We know that this is the dream of every ‘macho’ that respects himself, right?

Well, under that slogan we share with you some fashion tips, so you don’t leave a bad impression with your style.

Who says that men should not dress well and that is women’s exclusive thing?

Big mistake!

These tips come thanks to the BuzzFeed portal.

Dressing mistakes men should avoid

1. Hawaiian Shirt:

The Hawaiian shirts are definitely out of fashion already.

If you are not in Hawaii, you do not have to use them, much less at night, and even worse in a season that is not summer.

It would be a fashion scandal.

Remember that good taste should always be your hallmark.

2. Shoes that do not combine:

If you have a black suit you can only combine it with black shoes, brown shoes leave them to wear with a gray or brown suit.

Do not get confused please!

Matching shoes are crucial.

3. Bulky Wallet:

It is true that wallet kills boyfriend, but you do not have to be wearing a plump wallet in the back pocket of the pants, apart from that it is dangerous and it looks very bad.

4. Excessive jewelry:

The heyday of reggaet├│n and the use of the ‘blin-blins’ already went out of fashion, and even at their best, they did not look good.

The advisable thing is that you do not use too many jewels, if you are a romantic of those you can wear your engagement ring, but do not go to the extreme of putting on the necklace that your grandma gave you when you were born.

5. Waist Bags:

The fanny packs or kangaroos are no longer used, they are out of style and if you are a man with style, you should be very clear, instead, you can use a small backpack where you carry what is necessary.

Now you know!

6. White sucks.

White socks look great if you’re going to do sports or combine them with urban sneakers, but if you want to wear them with a suit and wear shoes the answer is NO, definitely not.

7. Very big clothes:

One of the things that reggae fashion left us with was the use of super-loose pants, very wide, and sometimes two or three sizes larger than normal.

Do You remember?

We do, and in case you do not have it very clear, loose clothing should only be used if you are going to play sports.

8. Using a backpack with a suit:

It looks good if you want to go to sports or college but it is not recommended if you go to the office, and less if you usually use a suit, it is best to buy a good messenger bag and solved.

9. Very loose pants:

No, my friend, it does not look nice to always having to see your underwear out of your pants.

It’s unpleasant and it’s not fashionable at all.

10. Buttoning the jacket.

Remember it and keep it always present in your life:

The last jacket button is never buttoned, never.

11. Sandals and stockings:

Is it comfortable?

Very comfortable, I would say, but they definitely do not go, and you can not go out on the street that way, so you know, neither the sandals nor the stockings should be combined.

(Source: https://aweita.larepublica.pe)