Do You Like A Woman Who Has A Boyfriend? This is what you should know

No doubt this is more common than we would like and I am sure that it has happened to all of us at least once.

For some reason, at some point in our lives, we like a woman and unfortunately, she has a boyfriend.

It is possible that she is giving us input or that we feel seductive, the point is that we decided that we have to try, as we believe that she will leave her current boyfriend and choose us.

The intentions

The intentions or motivations that we could have to insist on conquering that girl can be varied. It could be that:

  • You really like her a lot.
  • Makes you feel like you have a chance (she’s flirtatious with you).
  • You are very close to her and you have grown fond.
  • You just want to sleep with her.

The problem is that this could have consequences and disadvantages for which you might prefer to look for another girl who is single.

The disadvantages of a girl with a boyfriend – Why is it better to look for a single girl?

Even though the fact that a girl has a boyfriend does not mean you do not have a chance with her, you have to take into account the following to decide if you really want to take the risk:

To understand better:

Do You Like A Woman Who Has A Boyfriend

1. I’m confused: Be careful if you tend to get attached quickly.

You may think that women enjoy playing with men but in most cases that will not be the case. The problem is that it is not at all strange that women find it difficult to reject or mistreat a person, they do not really want to do it, it is their last resort.

Example: Suppose that the girl really likes you a lot and apparently you like her too but she has a boyfriend.

She begins to feel fond of you at the same time she continues with her boyfriend (who is also very fond of her).

So for her, it is very difficult to reject one of the two, which is why she tells you that she is “very confused”.

The problem with this is that if you are a person who becomes easily attached, then you will suffer during the time you will be the “other” while she may be kissing her boyfriend in front of you.

Even if you manage to resist, that is not a guarantee that in the end, she will decide to cut her boyfriend and choose you.

2. Someone could be in danger.

If you continuously look for the girl you like and she corresponds to you in a positive way, it is likely that her boyfriend becomes aware of it quickly.

Maybe then he forbids her to see you or gets in a bad attitude every time he finds out you’re close to her. Worse still, if her boyfriend is of the people who do not control their impulses, you could end up involved in a fight.

On the other hand, if the woman in question is not very intelligent she could end up showing signs of emotional infidelity to her boyfriend, or what is worse, could provoke him without realizing it.

Example: Suppose she and her beloved boyfriend had a small fight, but she is the kind of dramatic woman who likes to brag about the fact that “If you do not love me, someone else will love me”.

So during an argument, she mentions that she does not have to put up with his attitudes since someone (You) treats her like a queen and that is what she deserves. So suddenly you have become the target of an angry and probably very jealous boyfriend.

3. Remorse.

Let’s suppose that you really like her a lot and you’re aware that she has a boyfriend, but you’re only interested in sex, so point 1 does not worry you.

Depending on your personality and whether or not you know her boyfriend, point two may or may not do it either.

So you apply your techniques to seduce that girl no matter if she has a boyfriend. In some cases, both will have obtained what they were looking for, for which she and you will be happy.

But what happens if after sex she realizes that she really likes you more than she thought?

Chances are that you feel some remorse because you have been her accomplice in cheating on her boyfriend and you are not even willing to be serious with her since all you wanted was to have sex.

Worse still, if she can not bear the guilt of cheating on her boyfriend and feeling used by you, she is likely to confess to her boyfriend, so maybe now you want to worry about point two.