Difficult woman – Tips to conquer a difficult woman

While all women have their personal preferences, there are some basic recommendations that will show you how to conquer a difficult woman, even the one you believe is
more impossible. This is sencond part from the above video How to get a difficult girl.

Difficult woman

Difficult woman

Difficult woman

6 – Watch your breath and oral hygiene

That’s right, it will seem a curious point but it is proven that bad breath keep away any physical interest and even sexual desire. If you have drunk alcohol, smoked
or eaten before talking with the woman you like, review a hundred times your breath and clean your mouth to have a fresh breath.

7 – Suggest to go out together

At the first date try to prove that it is you who leads the direction of the case, if you know something about her tastes surprise her with a plan of her liking.
You’ll have time later to ask her what she wants to do, therefore show her that you are determined and bold.

8 – Let her know what you feel but do not tell her directly

Leave her with doubt and intrigue, that your actions make her believe that you like her a lot but with your words treat her like a friend who you want to know.

9 – Do not show explicit sexual intentions

During the first few dates do not show her you’re dying to have sex with her. Women are very sensitive at this point and if she notices that your intentions are solely
those, she won’t pay attention.

10 – Let her see that you have an active social life

Do not let her think that you’re available all the time for her, if you are invited to do somthing certain day, tell her you have a meeting with your friends but you
will see what you can do. That will generate respect and intrigue.

Applying these 10 tips, you will know how to conquer a difficult woman and begin to attract attention. And even if it seems strange, there is a scientific method
behind the art of seduction. It is possible to master this art and once you know the strategy, no woman will be difficult for you.

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