Differences Between A Difficult Girl And One That Is Not Interested

Sometimes we think that that girl avoids us not to be too easy when the reality is different.

When a woman is interested in that man who has decided to conquer her, it becomes evident. She may have a thousand and one things to do, but if she really cares about that boy she will do the impossible so he does not abandon the battle and continues earning her heart.

So if at this moment there is a girl you like, you invited her out but she was too busy to attend and now you wonder if she is really interested or she did not agree to your request because she does not really want to go out with you, you have to pay attention to the following signs.

Differences Between A Difficult Girl And One That Is Not Interested

1. She feels sorry.

If you invited her to go out on Facebook, phone or in person, you should pay special attention to her tone of voice, body language and the words she uses.

You do not need to be an expert to realize when she is looking for an excuse because she really wants you to believe it. If she shows pity when she justifies of not being able to go, you have some gained ground, therefore you can continue insisting.

On the other hand, if you have insisted on more than one occasion and the answer has always been negative, looks for absurd pretexts, perhaps she is not as interested in you as you would like.

2. Tries to fix things.

If you already invited her out, she could not and left things like that, it is a sign that there is no interest, but if she tells you the reason why she can not go out with you to the cinema, either because she has another commitment, she will be working and she proposes to you to agree for another occasion, it is a sign that she is interested.

In fact, there have been cases where they are the ones who seek to finalize the rejected date. So if that happens, you have to be as creative as possible and make that date something truly special.

3. Disappear.

If after inviting her to go out and be rejected, she stops answering your calls and messages, or even worse, tries to avoid seeing you in person, the most likely thing is that she has lost interest in you or never existed.

On the other hand if after having rejected your proposal on more than two occasions she suddenly calls you on the phone and you have a pleasant conversation. You can keep trying.

4. Ask.

At this time you can do an investigation. Ask one of her friends what thinks about the situation and ask for advice. Surely she already told them about you, therefore they are updated with the latest events and know what she thinks.

So if you have contact with the people close to that girl ask them for advice, if you must continue or abandon the battle.

5. Analyze your feelings.

If that girl is getting too difficult and having contact with her is a real challenge, it is important that you think about what you feel.

You’re really in love, do you think it’s worth it? or it is only physical attraction, if it is the last it will be easier for you to stop trying to conquer her.

We all go through a bad love moment, the important thing is to accept it and move on. If you realized that despite all the attempts, that girl does not specify a meeting with you and acts with complete indifference, the most healthy thing is that you retire.

When there is interest it is noticeable, sometimes with a word, a detail or gesture and when it is not is even more evident.