Difference Between A Single Man And A Married Man

Once we get married life changes radically, check these differences between the life of a single man and a married man:




Difference Between A Single Man And A Married Man

1 Friend requests.

Single: As many women send you requests of friendship in your social networks you accept.

Married: You note that a beautiful lady wants to add you and you begin to distrust, thinking that maybe she is a friend of your wife tending a trap to see if you accept strangers.

2. Departures with friends.

Single: You can drink all the beer you want, just be aware that your friend pays his round, you are dedicated to contacting women to see if you are lucky when you get out of there.

Married: You take two beers and at the third, you get a text message asking if it will take you long to arrive.

3. Calls.

Single: A call with your friends usually lasts about 9 seconds.

Married: A simple call can take from half an hour to indefinite time, hours.

If you talk to your partner she will tell you the details of the food, what happened to her best friend and if you plan to hang up you will hear: “I have not finished, don’t you want to talk to me?”.

4. The shower.

Single: Toothbrush, shampoo, soap, shaving foam, and a rake.

Married: Three types of shampoo, conditioners for dyed, dry, broken hair, masks, 6 creams, and dozens of products that you have no idea what they are for.

5. Free time.

Single: You can see the whole universe of programs and series available.

Married: You can also see the whole universe of series but now getting fat at the same time.