Datings You Can not Have With a Woman Unless You’re “Going Out”

Do you think that all the planning and effort is done after the first meeting?

Think about it, man.

Until you are safe in the area of relationship, it is best to think of each moment as if it was the first, after all, your goal is still to impress, right?

While it is true that you must put effort into your relationship even after it is “a stable relationship”, there are certain things that can work at this point, and only at that point.

With that in mind, here are seven dates you should avoid until she officially becomes your girlfriend or partner. Unless you want that to never happen.

Datings You Can not Have With a Woman Unless You’re “Going Out”

1. The cheap date.

In what world did you think it was a good idea to invite a girl you just met to a date where a hamburger and a beer will cost $5 and in the meantime, she had to pay for her own?

It’s not that we do not like the deals too. And once you’re in a relationship, go ahead, use those coupons you have to go to dinner. But from the beginning, you have to show her that you planned this meeting because you thought it would be great and not a bargain.

2. Dating at the sports bar.

Maybe she likes sports, maybe not.

That is not really the point. When you’re still trying to get to know a girl, you can not take her to a noisy bar, where the focus is mainly on the 63-inch screens that surround them.

Do you want to share your love for your favorite team with her? Get tickets for the game (Seriously, the stands are a paradise for beer and nachos).

3. The group date.

I understand you think your friends are so awesome, you can not wait to introduce them to your new girl. But when the outing with your friends becomes a nostalgia fair for the university, one in which she can not get involved, she will go out the door faster than you can say “Remember when …?”.

4. The meeting in restaurant chains.

You may love the steak in your favorite shabby restaurant or you may think that the “The Cheesecake Factory” actually has a very good atmosphere. But the fact is: These are distasteful restaurant chains. There is nothing special about them.

If a couple months of the relationship the two really want to go to one of those fast food restaurants, that’s fine. But when you’re still in the “I must impress” area, please put a little more effort into things.

5. The date at the street festival.

In theory, this can be great, street festivals can be awesome. Good food, good music, nice people. But, really, it’s a terrible idea for a first date.

It could be so crowded that you will literally have to cling to each other to stay together. You could end up eating a meal that is not suitable for a first date (ribs? No, thank you).

You could end up screaming to listen to each other through the bands. These things are very good once you are a consolidated couple, and you can laugh about it later, why not wait until then?

6. The meeting at the Cinema.

It’s dark, silent and you do not have to pay attention to your date except when you touch awkwardly.

Do you think it’s OK?