Compliments that every girl wants to hear

Yes, it is true: women are difficult beings to understand, sometimes they take things the wrong way, even when they are kind comments about them.

One of these examples may be when a kind gentleman (whether a couple, someone “more than a friend”, just a friend or anyone else), says “How beautiful you look today” and her brain automatically thinks (if her mouth does not say it before …) “Don’t I look pretty every day?”

Guys, do not despair: here we will leave you 5 compliments that every girl wants to hear and will accept in a good way:

Compliments that every girl wants to hear

1. “The way in which – insert here the situation of the moment – is really adorable”

It can be the way she kisses, smiles, cooks, sneezes, wrinkles her nose or whatever … this compliment will make the girl blush and think: “Wow, you really notice me”.

Also, it is very unlikely that she will forget a situation like this and every time she remembers it, she will smile.

2. “Would you give me your opinion? You always have a very good perspective on things”

Letting her know that her point of view is important to you will make her feel important in general.

She will gain confidence and will be more released about the conversations you may have.

3. “I feel that with you I can be myself”.

This compliment will earn you a lot of points with the girl.

The result is to make her feel that she is your weakness, there is nothing BETTER for a woman than feeling that she is the weak point of the boy she likes.

4. “Your kisses are wonderful”.

This phrase will stick in her memory on the honor wall of the best moments.

You are telling her that after all the kisses you have given in your life, hers are the best: BINGO.

In addition, this can lead her to feel secure with herself in other ways.

5. “All the guys in this place are watching you”.

Automatically her heart melts and her pulse increases.

That prayer that marks between your words that she is so cute that all other men in your eyes want her, and that can make you jealous: She feels like an angel of Victoria’s Secret.

No matter how secure a woman is in herself, knowing that she is noticed and appreciated, especially by the guy she likes, is one of the most satisfying things in the world.