Compliments of men that make women angry

We are all different is true but many times women believe to hear something they were never told, they interpret things according to how they believe them and they find a double meaning to something that never had.

Compliments of men that make women angry

Compliments of men that make women angry

It is true, sometimes, only sometimes they create a problem, quarrel or argument where there never was, even when they are given a compliment.

This is why Yahoo did a small survey and compiled the responses of their readers on how they take the compliments that their friends/spouses make them.

Compliments of men that make women angry

1. You say: “How beautiful you are, you are tight”.

She hears: “I’m almost obese”: “What do you mean? That if I put on a gram I become a disaster?

That I’m not as skinny as when he first met me?

That supposed compliment makes my self-esteem travel nonstop until the last subsoil. ”

2. You say: “How good you are for your age”.

She listens: “As a girl, you were so much more beautiful”: To learn: “age” and “beauty” are two words that you should not, you can not, mix in the same sentence if your goal is to flatter a woman.

They have enough to deal with depression to notice the effects of years on the body so that someone reminds them that all past was better.

3. You say: “I love your …”

She understands: “I’m just that, right?”: “I hate that my boyfriend reduces me to good breasts”.

Sometimes a woman needs you to highlight her other attributes: her intelligence, cunning, affection or other intellectual qualities, so as not to feel like a sexual object!

4. You say: “That cut makes you look bigger”.

She listens: “You just put 10 years on”: Maybe you said it in a positive sense, of “maturity” and “seriousness”, but she will read something else and a hairdresser will have lost her faithful client.

5. You say: “How beautiful you are, did you put makeup on?”

She listens: “In real life, you are a bug”: It is preferable that you say “you do not need to put on makeup to look beautiful every day” … although she probably will not believe you!

That’s how complicated women are.

6. You say: “I never saw you so thin”.

She listens: “Before you were a piglet”: It is necessary to avoid to emphasize in excess the results of the diet that your girl is doing.

If she observes that you do not come out of your amazement at how thin she is, she will begin to believe that all this time she was very fat.

7. You say: “You are so innocent”.

She hears: “You’re stupid”: They do not like to be “diminished” as if they were your younger sisters, or to make them feel less experienced than you are.

“Innocence” is a virtue … in childhood. Already in adulthood, it adopts a much more pejorative meaning.

8. You say: “I like a woman with flesh in her bones”.

She listens: “You are fatter than average”: NEVER mention the weight of a woman.

Neither age nor fat goes hand in hand with effective compliments.

Even in long-term relationships, think your words well before answering the classic question: “Do you think I’m fat?”.

You can wake up the monster!