Clear signs that she is crazy about you

As we know, “no” means “yes” and sometimes “no” is “no”, but it can also mean “could be.”

Girls can confuse any man, but to understand them, you must pay attention to the non-verbal signs that will tell you everything about her intentions. selected the most eloquent signs that with the certainty of 100 percent will give you to understand that the girl likes you.

Clear signs that she is crazy about you

12. Her pupils dilate.

Eye contact influences the production of oxytocin. This hormone helps us feel connected to a person. Therefore, subconsciously we try to establish visual contact with the person we want to know better.

During the meeting, the girl can look away timidly. But none will feel that way with the look of someone who does not care.

Her pupils will dilate when talking to you, although it is difficult to notice. Our pupils always dilate when we look at something we like.

11. The position of her legs.

Stretched legs with crossed ankles are a sign of lack of confidence and even negligence. When a girl feels comfortable and is interested in communicating with you, she does not cross her ankles.

And if she sits cross-legged, pay attention to her feet. The tip of the shoe is like the arrow of a compass. If she looks at you, she probably likes you and would like to know you better.

10. Seeks to sit closer to you.

When there are two people in the same room, the space between them can say many things about their relationship.

If she likes you she will seek to sit closer to you even if she feels embarrassed or shy.

If you need to check whether she likes you or not, invade her comfort zone (50 centimeters from the face). If she walks away, it’s a bad sign. If she stays where she is, she likes you.

9. Straighten her back and shows off her bust.

To impress and call attention to important “details”, the girl will seek to straighten her back, show off her bust and tuck her abdomen.

And believe me, you will realize it.

8. Hides her thumb.

This gesture is often used by men, who hide their thumbs in their pockets or on their belts. But women also do it and with much more elegance.

Pay attention to whether the girl hides her thumb on her belt, bag or any accessory.

All this is done to accentuate the attention on the face, hip or bust. It is a sign of interest.

7. Copy your posture or gestures.

See if the girl does not copy your posture, gestures, facial expressions or behavior. For example, every time you fix your hair, she also touches hers. You touch an ear and she does too.

Imitation occurs unconsciously. This means that she tries to understand you better and find something in common with you. By the way, it does not only apply to women.

6. Swings a shoe at her fingertips.

Balancing a shoe at the tip of the fingers is a sign of relaxation and open interaction. She does it when she feels comfortable, tries you to like her or flirts with you.

Remember that the direction in which you look at the tip of her shoe or the knee of the girl is very important, it shows she is interested.

5. Accommodates her clothes and hair often.

If the girl in front of you corrects her hair, clothes or jewelry all the time, it means she is nervous.

These movements help her to be more sure of herself and that she looks good. If she did not care, there would be no point in beautifying herself.

4. Touch her lips.

When a girl touches her lips, it means she is interested or even excited. It’s such a classic signal that it appears in movies all the time.

But be careful: if she licks her lips every couple of minutes, it may just be a bad habit of hers.

3. She looks herself in the mirror a lot.

All girls care to look impeccable. Especially when the person she likes is sitting in front of her.

Therefore, if she takes out the mirror and looks at it every ten minutes, it means that she is nervous and wants to make sure she looks spectacular.

2. Pay attention how she has her arms.

A closed position does not always mean negligence or a blunt “no”. Maybe the girl is shy and is not ready to open up to you yet. Be a little more delicate.

On the contrary, if her arms are straight, there is a green light and availability to continue interacting with you.

1. Plays with a lock of hair

When a girl feels embarrassed or, on the contrary, flirts, she inadvertently touches her hair or begins to wind a lock on a finger.

Of course, this only applies to girls with long hair.

By the way, in the same way, men shake their hair when they are excited.