Chivalrous gestures that melt any woman

In a world full of not very decent calls at midnight and infidelities it is easy to be disgusted by dating.

As women, they are always prepared for the worst, they proceed with extreme caution in the first months for fear of being victims of the deception of which many men are part.

And it’s a relief when they come across one of those few gentlemen that still remain.

They can see their chivalry even in the smallest actions, and they constantly remind them that there are still good men in the world.

It does not take a deep gesture or a costly demonstration of affection to win over a woman. It only takes a bit of sincerity and demonstrates something of romantic interest.

No matter what people think, chivalry has not died and here we show you 8 ways in which these men prove it:

Chivalrous gestures that melt any woman

1. They open the door.

A man who takes the time to turn around to open the car door is someone worthwhile. In addition, it is a luxury in winter.

It may seem old-fashioned, but it’s a really nice gesture.

She will appreciate it.

2. Gives her some of his food.

They say that men have to be conquered by the stomach.

So when he keeps that last piece for her, what he’s saying is that he basically loves her more than any plate of food he has in front of him.

3. Spends time with her family.

A guy who shows interest in looking at her photos of when she was a baby, teaches her little brother how to play soccer and tells her mom how rich the food is.

These are small gestures, but they speak very well of your intentions.

4. He accompanies her to watch romantic movies.

When a man offers to go to see a girl movie with her, it is because he knows it’s something she likes, you earn extra points.

(And it’s even more important if you do it without complaining or expecting something in return).

5. Send flowers.

I do not mean that bouquet of roses of $ 100 dollars that she receives on Valentine’s Day.

I mean that collection of flowers that he bought at the supermarket on a Tuesday while he was shopping for the week and he remembered her.

There is something unexpected about receiving flowers that always make women smile.

They are small ways in which men show that they care about a woman, in the same way, that women have that instinct to protect and care for their loved ones.

Chivalry has not died, and men can still be knights in shining armor, you just have to learn to make those subtle and meaningful gestures.