Characteristics that make men sexy

What is it that makes a man attractive beyond the physical?

Women are attracted to secure men, with personality and above all with character.

The University of Aberdeen in Scotland conducted a study that found the 8 characteristics that a lady considers of vital importance at the time of seduction.

Characteristics that make men sexy

Characteristics that make men sexy

Characteristics that make men sexy

1. Aroma.

Women by nature are more perceptive with the smell, and the smell of a man helps them to choose a sexual partner to procreate.

2. Height.

Women tend to be more attracted to tall men because according to the study makes them feel more secure.

3. Complexion.

The man’s back is notoriously wider on the shoulders and is a feature that also makes them look sexier in the eyes of women, gives them a feeling of protection.

4. The voice.

The more serious is sexier for women, that’s because the amount of testosterone in these men is higher.

5. Hair.

Like the deep voice is synonymous with testosterone, despite the new stereotypes of beauty.

6. Personality.

Nice and funny men tend to have more confidence in themselves, positive and confident what in women is sexy because it gives them a sense of stability.

7. Movements.

Sexy men have a great sense of dominance, which has to do with the previous point.

8. Showing the skin.

An athletic body in men is attractive, more if they feel confident to show it, in addition, it is sexy for ladies to see a little more skin in men.