Characteristics that define the woman you should stay with forever

She makes everything make sense.

Finding the right person is not at all what you see in the movies or on television.

Many times you will meet someone who will attract you and suddenly, after a few months, you will realize that you have spent a lifetime living next to a person who complements you perfectly.

Characteristics that define the woman you should stay with forever

Characteristics that define the woman you should stay with forever

It is strange because one would think that we would realize it right away, but human life, and human beings have special times for everything.

If you have already gone through this process and you have realized, suddenly and magically, that the girl next to you is the person you want to stay with, then it seems to me that the following list will describe it perfectly.

Characteristics that define the woman you should stay with forever

1. Feels passion for what you do.

This girl is passionate and nothing stops her from following her dreams.

It is something that shows you that she will never hesitate to fight for what interests her and that includes the relationship she has with you.

Her passion even motivates you to be a better person.

2. She is not afraid to commit.

She is not afraid of commitment and knows exactly what she wants.

With her, you never have to guess what her feelings are because she will not have problems saying them openly.

3. She is very positive.

Always sees the glass half full, even in the worst moments.

She pushes you to try to see life with more spirit and with more hope.

4. She always tells you everything she thinks.

The good, the bad, the confusing.

She knows that communication is key in a relationship and although sometimes you still cannot be an expert in verbal communication, you have learned a lot from her.

5. She supports you in everything and wants you to achieve your dreams.

A woman who loves you will never restrict you.

In fact, she will seek to help you achieve all your goals and will be by your side to give you encouragement in the most difficult moments.

6. Makes the arguments a constructive debate.

She does not fight, she debates.

She knows how to face two points of view and although sometimes she gets angry a little, she never forgets her objective.

For her the idea is to reach a consensus and that both feel respected.

7. She is kind to you and those around her.

Kindness and compassion speak volumes about a person.

If your partner is not only kind to you but also to others, it means that you have a very empathic and very human person by your side.

8. It has an interesting personality for you.

And I say ‘for you’ because it may not seem the same to others.

It’s okay, she’s your partner and it only matters what you think about her.

You may have unusual hobbies or know more than anyone about a topic you never thought would cause you so much curiosity.

The interest that goes beyond the physical is key in a relationship and in your case, you know that you love her interior and her exterior.

9. Makes everything to have sense.

At her side, things are better, more fun, with more sense.

It is as if with her presence alone you could see the world in high definition and although you also enjoy spending your time alone, you can not wait to tell her everything that has happened.

10. You know, without a doubt, that she loves you very much.

She loves you, you know it, you feel it, it is a fact that no one can deny.

The best of all? You love her in the same way and with the same intensity.

You know you want to build your life by her side and there is nothing that can make you think she is not the one.

When that special person arrives in our lives everything changes.

At first, it is not so obvious because the person in front of you is not a shy princess, those are only from the movies.

However, soon you realize that you love the spark in their eyes and that it does not matter if you sometimes argue, life at their side is much more beautiful and interesting.

Love is unique, beautiful and imperfect and it is worth living it in this way.