Characteristics of men that inspire love in women

The physical is not everything when it comes to conquering a woman. Here are some traits that will make you irresistible.

The physical is not everything in a person. Many women fall in love with physically unattractive boys, for their way of being and for how they show themselves before the problems of life.

But what are the traits that a man must have to be irresistible?

To find out, Paloma Corredor, a writer, and journalist specializing in couples, created a list of 10 Characteristics of men that inspire love in women.

Discover if you have all these qualities.

Characteristics of men that inspire love in women

1. Intelligent.

Women, according to the specialist, like intelligent, cultured and thoughtful men, but who are not self-centered, because they detest wise ass people. What attracts women is that men know how to generate a dialogue and listen.

2. Look, smile and hands.

According to the writer, women do not go crazy for metrosexual men or are not in search of the perfect physique.

What does make them fall in love is a pretty smile, penetrating gaze and large hands properly cared for.

She also highlights that a square jaw and a firm back attract women because they are signs of virility.

3. Responsible.

This characteristic is loved by the girls, since a man who faces problems with a cold head, without being aggressive or rude, is more likely to inspire love.

Women do not look for someone to solve their lives, but someone to count on in difficult times.

4. Powerful.

“Even if it is politically incorrect, women have always been attracted to men with power,” says the author of Verano del 86, however she clarifies that it is not money that necessarily attracts them, but other aspects where competent.

5. Good mood.

Women do not look for a clown, according to the specialist, but a man who laughs at himself, who can avoid the complications of life without drama and who find the comic side to various situations.

6. Funny.

If you are a man who gives great importance to work, you may be in trouble.

The girls are interested in having their partner go out and have fun with them and enjoy the moments with great intensity.

7. Balanced.

“They love the masculine: power, strength, security, decision … but they like it more if it alternates with the feminine: understanding, sweetness, ability to feel and express emotions,” says the writer.

8. Empathic.

Already said above, a man who knows how to listen is a plus that enchants women.

The one who manages to create an emotional bond and shows empathy has earned ground.

9. Protectors.

For a woman, it is important that her partner makes her feel safe and appreciated with a gesture, with his way of treating her and taking her into account.

Those who keep their word and transmit confidence because what they say and what they do are attractive, according to Corredor.

10. Sensual.

The men who know how to seduce “are irresistible”, says the specialist and says that they love “those who exude tenderness, sensuality, eroticism, who know how to make them feel beautiful and special with a look of desire, with a gesture of kindness, with a surprise”.