Characteristics Of Gallantry

The world keeps turning, and not for anyone.

Times change, and there are words that are left in disuse, because the concepts they represent, have changed, or ceased to exist.

Some words are born in a specific time and place and then disappear without pain or glory, while others adapt to new times. Such as the gallantry and what characterizes it.

Characteristics Of Gallantry

1. Humanity.

It is one thing to have self-esteem, it is quite another to believe that you are better than the rest of the world.

In this case, humanity refers to being social and attentive to the woman who is next to you (usually your couple), without being ashamed of what is done.

2. Amiability.

Of the type, you have with a beloved grandmother, for example, not with the one who bribes you with money or rich things.

The gallant man is kind to people (although he does not have to be in the same way with all of them) because he considers that he contributes his bit to the world, not to obtain a benefit.

3. Good manners.

A gallant man is not safe from certain bodily functions, but he will not make efforts to burp at the table, for example, and he will apologize if it happens.

Good manners do not cost money, they make themselves noticed when they are present, and they are a horrible stain when you do not have them.

Gallantry and good manners are inseparable.

4. Lack of rush.

One of the quickest differences between a Casanova and a leading man is his rush.

The Casanova only seeks to have one more conquest, while the heartthrob takes his time, and may not even look for a relationship.

The macho culture tells men that sex is a prize, something to gain or take, but the gallant does not see it this way.

5. Think of the other person’s good.

Some people take advantage of people’s good hearts and steal their money, for example.

A gallant does not take advantage of the fact that a lady has the zipper of her dress open, but tells her, discreetly, what happens.

This is when the little group of boys (with the attitude of a teenager) make fun of him, before the good deed of the gallant.

6. Praise, do not harass.

A woman walks down the street, a man shouts something, woman ignores him, the man finally insults her.

Or, perhaps, the woman tightens the pace and the man laughs. A stalker enjoys the fear that he causes the woman.

The gallant, on the other hand, comments, with good intention, on the qualities of the female in question as if it were something natural, in passing, and understands (and apologizes) if she does not feel flattered.

Subtlety, good taste, and ingenuity are very present here.

7. It’s a free attitude, not a pose.

There are people who pretend to be something they are not.

There are those who do it better or worse, and surely you remember some other example that you have come across.

To be gallant implies doing it with sincerity, not as a performance, expecting something in return (in this case, sexual favors, followed at a distance by other things).

8. Be thankful.

Beyond the good manners, the gallant knows how to recognize when a favor has been done, even if years later.

People evolve, and their abilities change, are refined, or set aside by others.

The gallant will appreciate the favors and will recognize the good that they have done to him.

9. It was exclusive to men.

Far away and long ago, when gallantry began to be called as such, it was something that only men did. And today too.

The gallant attitudes, in a woman, are seen with other tones, so it is only defined as such if who has that attitude is a male.

At least, for the moment because you know, times change.