Characteristics of a sexy man

Being sexy can be very subjective, it depends on a lot of the tastes, the type of characteristics that attract the person, as well as the preference for certain personality and physique.

But how is a sexy man supposed to be?

Characteristics of a sexy man

Characteristics of a sexy man

According to the Menshealth portal, researchers David Buss and Cindy Meston, from the Sex Psychophysiology Laboratory of the University of Texas, determined through a study a series of qualities or characteristics that a woman identifies and by which decides if a man is sexy or not:

Characteristics of a sexy man

1. Aroma.

According to the authors, the smell would be for women what sight is for men when it comes to looking for a sexual partner.

The moment and frequency with which they decide to have sex can influence them.

2. Complexion.

Women consider tall men sexier, but not too much.

Your body should have symmetry, V-shaped torso, flat abdomen, and muscular trunk.

3. Voice.

The type of voice that women find most attractive is serious, which is actually determined in men by testosterone levels during their adolescence.

They have the idea that a low voice is indicative of an attractive body.

 4. Personality.

The personality is essential to attract a woman, so they consider that a sexy man should also be friendly and positive, that is with a good sense of humor, in addition to being confident.
5. Way to move.

A man who shows a dominance of space and social hierarchy seems sexy to Women.

Must have a kind of physical contact kind of “rough” and show interest in eye contact.

A plus, according to the study, is knowing how to dance well.

6. Showing skin.

For them, having an athletic body does not serve much if you do not show a little, leaving the rest of the work to the imagination.

For this, they tend to prefer men who are somewhat arrogant but not feminine.

These characteristics are often determinants of the attraction and sensuality for women, however, some other factors influence such as the environment and culture.
Anyway, a sexy man is very different here or on the other side of the world, each woman has undoubtedly her own preferences.