Characteristics Of a Perfect Man According To Women Around The World

A perfect abdomen, a full wallet, and a late-model car are not on the list of perfect man characteristics listed by women around the world. So men can relax a little.

Researchers from the University of Göttingen in Germany and Clue, an app specialized in women’s health, carried out a survey among women around the world to discover what the perfect man is like. The results can surprise anyone.

Characteristics Of a Perfect Man According To Women Around The World

The Clue Ideal Partner Survey asked more than 68,000 women around the world, of different ages and sexual orientations, what their ideal long-term partner would be like, and the answers largely neglected physical or economic characteristics to focus on important traits of personality.

For male mental health, only 2.5 percent of women seek very muscular men; instead, 44.8 percent of them look for an average body. A large penis is also not a “must” to be a perfect man.

When it comes to searching for the ideal partner to establish a long-term relationship, the characteristics listed by the women surveyed were as follows:

Amiability. 88.9 percent of them consider kindness a very important trait.

Support. It is essential for 86.5 percent.

Intelligence. 72.3 percent point to intelligence.

Education. For a 64.5 percent.

Reliability. Underlined by 60.2 percent of the respondents.

Regarding physical characteristics, the study participants listed the following features:

Attractive smile.
Attractive eyes.
Penis of medium size.
Big hands.
Short hair.