Characteristics of a good seducer

Some people seem to have been born with a gift to socialize, to seduce, as if they had that talent inside, and although in some cases they are characteristics of their personality, in reality, they are capacities that can be learned.

Characteristics of a good seducer

Characteristics of a good seducer

Mila Cahue, psychologist and author of the book “Love of the good one”, explains that if you do not get the attention of the person you like on a first try, it does not have to be a definitive no; if you work on your strengths you can get to conquer her.

For this, Cahue points out the characteristics of a good seducer:

Characteristics of a good seducer

1. Observers:

They do not rush to conquer, they take the time necessary to get the information they will use, what the person they want to seduce likes.

If she is a person who cares, he will say how beautiful she looks that day, or if she is someone who likes to communicate he will want to chat with her for a while. So little by little, he will show his strengths.

2. They make the other believe that he is the seducer:

They let the other person come to talk to them, so they think that they are not being persecuted.

3. He knows how to use distances in his favor:

For example, they keep their eyes a little more than normal, as if they had a great interest in what the other person says.

4. Touches the other person lightly:

Hit her on the shoulder, rub her hand, but all in a very subtle and delicate way.

5. Shows interest in the other person:

Questions are very powerful tools, although the interest must appear at times, not all the time or you run the risk of looking too heavy.