Characteristics Of A Gold Digger

Selfishness, vanity, jealousy, and superficiality are some of the characteristics of a gold digger woman.

Sometimes we give the heart to the wrong person, for this reason, to avoid being broken it is important that you know the characteristics of a gold digger woman.

Identifying them is not difficult because their actions give them away, in fact, the characteristics of a gold digger woman are so notorious that it is impossible for them to go unnoticed.

Characteristics Of A Gold Digger

1. She is vain.

One of your goals is always to look good and achieve it.

This type of girls has the best seasonal clothes, branded accessories and always tries to go to the most exclusive places.

They are distinguished by being very superficial and can not imagine life without luxuries and comforts.

2. Always wants expensive gifts.

The more expensive the present the better.

These girls do not care about the sentimental value, they will always want some luxurious, ostentatious and quality object to be able to show it to all their acquaintances, in order to be noticed.

3. Invites, but never pay.

It is common that she looks for you to go to a place, but when the time comes to pay does not make the slightest effort to cover everything she has consumed.

She believes that it is man’s obligation to pay, even if the idea was hers.

4. She puts a lot of interest in your economy.

If at any time she is asking what your income is if you have an extra income, what you work for, etc.

The best thing is that you stay away from her since her friendship is not sincere, it is handled by interest.

5. She flirts to get everything she wants.

Most women are flirtatious by nature, however, when it is taken to extremes it is quite noticeable.

The same goes for interested women, they think that with a sensual look, picking up their hair, crossing their legs, walking in a special way and even showing some parts of their anatomy the world will be at their feet.

6. Flirtatious all the time.

Asks frequently, What will you invite me for today?

This is more than clear, if the girl with whom you go out the first thing she says when you see her, is where you will take her, it is obvious that all she wants from you is a monetary benefit.

You’d better think things through because if you keep going like this she will spend all your money.

7. They use their power in bed.

Gold diggers women think they deserve the best in the world, without giving anything in return.

However, they resort to intimate relationships to achieve more control over men.

Apart from that, they think that this way they compensate all the love and appreciation that their “partner” or “friend with right” has for them.

So when they want to receive something from you, they resort to their power under the sheets to get it.

8. They are extremely jealous.

They are not willing to lose their gold mine, therefore they will be insecure all the time.

Sees that man as her victim and so she will not want to lose him.

The lion believes that everyone is of their same condition and therefore they think that all women are like them.

For this reason, they will isolate you from your family, friends, co-workers, and everything that represents a “danger”.

9. They have no life goals.

They are not interested in growing professionally speaking much less as a person.

They are only used to being given what they want, they live day to day without the need to worry about the future because they think that the situation they are living will be eternal.

10. Receive but never give.

If there is something that gold diggers love, it is to receive expensive gifts, but rarely correspond.

Sometimes they even tell you what they want, but she never surprises you with the minimum detail.

11. Never get excited about your achievements.

If there is a characteristic that distinguishes gold digging women is selfishness, that is why they care little if you were promoted at work, they gave you some recognition or you are standing out in something.

They are apathetic before everything that happens to others if they do not benefit.