Characteristics Of A Gentleman

How could women then recognize the modern gentleman?

Here are 10 characteristics of one.



Characteristics Of A Gentleman

1. Looks directly into the eyes of a woman.

Eye contact means trust, and the modern gentleman does not lack a bit of that.

2. He is punctual.

Modern society does not stand in his way and he knows how to give value to time. Never forget: Punctuality is sacred.

3. When you are with a woman, do not write text messages and leave the tablet and cell phone out of reach.

The really important thing is there with you. He does not give more importance to what may happen, but to what is happening.

4. Let your wife drive your car.

It will hurt many to think of letting their girl put her hands on the wheel of his precious and most expensive toy, but she will see it as a gesture of confidence; In addition, you can look a little crazy if you are overprotective with your car.

5. Makes his mother, grandmother, sister, and company laugh.

There is no woman who does not appreciate a guy with a good sense of humor.

6. Can say: “Hello,” “goodbye,” “please,” “thank you,” and “after you.”

A good education is mandatory.

7. Listen and remember the conversation with his partner.

There is no use of eye contact if your mind is elsewhere.

8. He has a tuxedo in his closet.

A man is not complete if he does not have a suit, and if the real formal occasion presents itself, you will need a tuxedo. Do you have it?

9. Never admit to being a gentleman.

Good manners do not go hand in hand with arrogance.

10. He is always well scented.

Have you ever heard a woman complain about how good a scented man smells?