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Differences Between A Difficult Girl And One That Is Not Interested

Sometimes we think that that girl avoids us not to be too easy when the reality is different.

When a woman is interested in that man who has decided to conquer her, it becomes evident. She may have a thousand and one things to do, but if she really cares about that boy she will do the impossible so he does not abandon the battle and continues earning her heart.

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 Things You Shouldn’t Do To A Woman

Women do not reason just like men, this is not a secret and that is why they are the eternal misunderstood.

Have disputes arisen in random conversations without you seeing it coming?

Sure you have committed some of these mistakes:

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Difference Between A Single Man And A Married Man

Once we get married life changes radically, check these differences between the life of a single man and a married man:




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Things Men Should Know About Women To Conquer Them

Although it seems infinitely difficult, the conquest of a woman is much simpler than men think. Yes, it is true that women are demanding, but that does not mean that conquest is an impossible mission.

Let’s be generous and give men some clues on how to carry out persuasion in the best possible way and taking into account some of the essential musts in any woman’s life.

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Things That All Women Hide From Their Partner

Whether for privacy or because it is not appropriate to comment on it, there are things that all women hide from their partner at some point.

And not necessarily because it’s a bad thing.



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Behavior Of A Woman Who Is Secretly In Love

We will find what are the signs that a woman has when she is in love and is not able to tell you. With this, you will be able to recognize the feelings that a girl has towards you so you can leave the doubt and know what you can do later.

Do you want to know if she feels something for you?

We will show you what is the behavior of a woman in love.

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Things That Women Love Even If They Never Admit It

Sometimes girls are so hard to understand. Because their firm “yes” can mean “no”, and her at first sight, so sure “no”, on the contrary, denote consent.

To understand the contradictions and learn to understand them better, we decided to dig a little into their minds.

Here we tell you about the things they really like, although they never admit it in public.

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Masculine Actions That Bother Women

Conflicts within a relationship can have different causes; However, there are masculine attitudes that originate them, as well as provoking a sense of annoyance and anger in their partner.

But what can a man do to generate her irritation?


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Types Of Men That Women Do Not Like

There are men who open their mouths and madden females and there are others who, no matter how hard they try, end their nights alone, pulling pornography (or pure imagination) when they get home.

Is there any magic formula to flirt?


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Sexual Postures For Women With Curves

Beyond routine, feelings or abilities, one of the elements of intimacy that causes the most conflict for women is weight; however, it can become insignificant in addition to the pleasure offered by some sexual postures.

The goal of sexual positions is to provide maximum satisfaction to both members of the couple, but often it is not chosen the most appropriate for the characteristics of the body, making it seem more than a source of satisfaction, a field of obstacles.

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