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Signs that she is crazy about you

If she is a woman who expresses herself with her body, pay attention to her movements that are the ones that say more than a thousand words.

Whether you like it or not, you’re about to discover it.

Many times the body of them say much more and in fact say the specialists that in their movements is the key to know that she is happy with you and that she likes you too much.

We share some signs that they do when they are in love with you.

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Things that women hate about men over 30

If you have overcome the barrier of 30 and still can not succeed in love, then you will probably begin to feel that your good years are numbered.

This is not entirely true, because they love the maturity and stability that goes with overcoming the third decade, however, there are also aspects with which you must be careful as they can become a barrier to achieving your emotional goals.

Here are the five things that women hate about men over 30:

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Types of men that will always call women’s attention

The boys who always call girls’ attention or make them turn to see them are the ones that make them smile for their way of being and end up conquering their hearts.

However, there are certain types of men who will always call the attention of every woman because of their characteristics:

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Reasons why it is worth falling in love with a complicated woman

When someone refers to a person as “complicated,” he usually does so with a negative connotation. And if we add that historically women have a reputation for being changeable and difficult to please, the picture is not encouraging.

On the other hand, there is a cliché in relationships that refers to men who like difficult women because they are like a challenge to achieve.

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Types of men that women hate

I know it has happened to more than one woman, she suddenly meets a man who attracts her and then she wants to run away want is to run away.

Let’s be honest: Prince Charming does not exist! However, there are 10 types of men that women hate.

We understand that as good human beings we are, we all have shortcomings. But when it comes to men, there is a long list of habits, behaviors, and customs that women hate.

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Keys to Seduce a Woman with The Gaze

Do you have a deep look and charming eyes that you want to use as a method to seduce a woman?

Are you willing to follow any kind of seduction technique so that your gaze is the main protagonist?

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Things that a woman expects when she starts a relationship

When a relationship begins, life becomes rosy and everything seems wonderful.

But you have to be realistic and put your feet on the ground, especially to avoid later disappointments.

Sometimes men are a little inattentive, and women overlook the lack of detail. But what do women expect from their partner?


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Things you should keep in mind to make a “cold” woman fall in love

When a man meets an emotionally cold woman he usually thinks that she is someone without feelings, but that is not true. Simply that she is different and the best of all is that when she cries or falls in love she really means it.

This is how we tell you what to keep in mind if you want to make a cold woman fall in love.

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5 Things that women love about men but do not say

Women, that intricate labyrinth full of beauty and sensitivity, is at the same time a calm hurricane.

Books and more books have been written trying to find out their deepest desires, concerns or fears. Poetry, stories, novels, and songs have not sufficed (or will suffice) to explore the universe that they build daily, only to destroy it at night and redo it at dawn.

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Reasons why a real man would never cheat the woman he loves

Love is very beautiful and pleasant; Well, until someone breaks your heart.

One of the worst ways you can break her heart is by being unfaithful.

That bitter taste of betrayal is an experience that no one should live, however, women are very likely to experience it at least once in life.

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