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Big lies that women say

Women are right in that men are simple, however, this does not mean that we are inferior, much less that we are fools; it simply means that we see things as they are, and we do not give them as many turns as they do.

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How to regain the trust of a woman

Surely you’ve heard the expression “we only appreciate something when we lose it”.

And it is certainly a great truth since most people can not understand how important our partner is to achieve happiness until she leaves.

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Signs Of A Woman Who Is Not So Interested In A Man

These are some signs that indicate that a woman is not really interested in a man and does not see him as something serious.

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Secrets That Most Women Hide From Their Partners

Through a survey conducted in the United Kingdom, revealed intimacies that girls do not like to share because of shame or fear of being judged.

According to the newspaper The Sun, a survey was conducted to determine what secrets women keep from their husbands or boyfriends, to make them believe that they look as natural as possible and that they do not hide anything.

The poll revealed the following:

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Myths of women and their sexuality that you should stop believing

That usually do not want sex, that orgasms take longer and that the older she gets the libido goes, are some of the many myths that revolve around female sexuality.

The Huffington Post site collected some beliefs and demystified them. Then we leave you five of them.

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Keys to understanding women in matters of love

Does it worry me to make him fall in love or that I really fall in love with him?

It is the great question that many women feel when starting a relationship and that many men assume that alone, with their attitude and good vibes they can make women fall in love and, the truth is that it is not so.

In the video, you can see 5 everyday phrases that women usually use when they fall in love. Judge them yourself!

(The phrases were taken from a widely visited article on the Internet).


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Ways to make a woman happy

It’s not as complicated as you think; If you want to make your woman happy, this is the secret: follow these 6 steps, because they are practically universal.

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Behaviors that will make you lose the woman you love

Not paying attention and not listening to her could end your relationship.

Love is a feeling that feeds every day, or otherwise, the chances of it lasting forever are diminishing.

In the case of women, they are continually giving meaning to each situation, which is why it is very important to pay attention to them.

She will begin to question the change in your behavior and wonder what are the reasons why you are together.

Although they may seem details without relevance, little by little the love that she feels for you will be disintegrating.

Next, know what those attitudes are that could be keeping the woman you love away from:

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Signs that she is playing with you

Ways to know if that girl is doubling, she is not going for something serious or simply is not worth your time.

Sure, you’ve probably had unstable relationships in the past, some ex-girlfriends with certain problems, but nothing is worse than getting excited with a woman and that girl you’re dating is just playing games with you.

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Things that a woman will never tell you

Feelings that they prefer to hide before they feel vulnerable or feel hurt …

It is a phrase that is not far from reality because many women prefer to keep their feelings to say what they are really thinking for many reasons, which can range from shame to respect (They do not want to hurt your heart).

So for you to love them more and understand them a bit, check this list of things that a woman will never tell you, that shares a specialized magazine for gentlemen “Men’s Health”.

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