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Signs That She Thinks Of Someone Else When She Is With You

When the members of the couple do not fight so the relationship continues with the love, trust, respect, and happiness of the beginning, this will gradually stop satisfying them and it will be at that moment when one of the parties decides to look for someone else. When a third party enters, they are usually blamed for the failure of the relationship.


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Emotional Infidelity: Are You An Accomplice And You Didn’t Know?

If you are worried about ruining the friendship with your friend, you want to know if she likes you or you want to know if you are at risk of aggression from her boyfriend, see the following points and you will have a clearer idea.

“It is easy to talk about infidelity and believe that you are clean when it is not something physical but emotional infidelity happens more than you think”.

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Are women unfaithful by genetics?

When someone found out about infidelity, the reasons could be many: lack of intimacy, low self-esteem, anger, slip … but now also, when talking about female infidelity, genes come into play.

The University of Texas carried out research that breaks with the myth that men are unfaithful by nature, since it warns that women are unfaithful by genetics.

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“Uncommon” reasons for infidelity in women

Traditionally, couple deception has been attributed as a common and accepted cause among men, however, in women, it is also more frequent than previously believed. The difference could be in the reasons for women’s infidelity.


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9 Clues to discover an unfaithful woman

The caution, stealth, intelligence, and intuition are natural weapons of the woman at the time of not being discovered in an infidelity.

Although they say that infidelity has no gender, today the number of unfaithful women has increased considerably.

Whether because of the lifestyle and the radical change that women have had in society, the percentage of female infidelity rose 55%.

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How to react when you suspect that your partner is unfaithful

Before judging, shouting, claiming or affirming that your partner is with another person, do the following.

The fear of every human being is to feel betrayed by their partner, to see that the person he loves really wants to be somewhere else. It is at this moment when jealousy and insecurity take over him and he begins to suspect his her partner is unfaithful.

Now, what can be done?

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Reasons for a woman to be unfaithful

We are all concerned. If you have passed this sad love chapter, surely you suffer from a certain paranoia and even if you feel that your partner is sad, you begin to suspect.

Today we are going to reveal to you the best-kept secret of all women, their reasons for being unfaithful.

Attentive men and pay close attention to these details.

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Causes Of Why Women Are Unfaithful

The SHORT Theme of Today is about Female Infidelity and Why Women Are Unfaithful

EYE, I’m not judging them, in fact, men also have their stories, simply human beings are mostly like that!

And well, talking about girls, YES, some women are Unfaithful, that is the sad reality for many.

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How to know if my wife is unfaithful

If you have asked yourself How to know if my wife is unfaithful, it must be because her behavior seems suspicious to you.

There are several indications that will show you what is happening in your marriage.

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Indications that a woman is falling in love with another man

These are the signals that a woman usually sends when she prefers someone other than her partner.

It does not necessarily have to be physical contact with another person to worry and doubt if there is an affair with someone else, men and women are different, while men do tend to go by the side of intimate relationships, women can begin to get hooked emotionally.

Indications that a woman is falling in love with another man

Indications that a woman is falling in love with another man

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