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Attitudes That A Woman Admires From A Man

If you want to know what a woman admires from a man, pay attention to these attitudes that can make you a magnet for girls.

There are many things that make a girl turn her head and fix her attention on someone. In this edition, we show you some of the attitudes that a woman admires from a man, those that make her fall in love and that makes her lose her mind for that man.

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Signs You Are With The Perfect Girlfriend

Although few believe it, the perfect girlfriend exists. But, eye! I am not referring to a voluptuous woman 90-60-90, but to someone who honors herself as a woman, and above all, she behaves like a true girlfriend.

Unintentionally we can be paying more attention to the small problems we have as a couple, and we do not realize that we have in front of us the perfect woman to share the rest of our days. Don’t you know if she is the one or not? Find out with these signs:

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Worst Ways To Conquer A Woman

When we want to gallant that woman who has caught our attention, we turn to our seduction techniques. However, they are not always effective because, although we believe they are the best, they end up frightening her.

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Details To Make A Woman Fall In Love

There is no perfect man, however, when love comes in the heart of a woman, she is able to accept all his imperfections and even see them as charming. How do we achieve that point of love in a woman?

It is definitely the small details that surround a woman until she is so happy to believe that you are the perfect man for her.

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How To Seduce An Intellectual Woman

Books are good, but the reality of how to seduce an intellectual woman can overcome fantasy.

All men have the same opportunity to conquer the heart of a woman, whatever profession they have, many of them just want to be heard and not a man who tries to make them fall in love with theories or with the recitation of the millions of books he has read.

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How To Make Her Fall In Love With Me?

If you have ever felt frustrated because you cannot avoid falling into the friend’s zone, then this entry is for you. I will teach you how to make the woman you like to fall in love with you and not seeing you just as a friend.



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Why Do Women End A Relationship?

Many times it happens and we are left with that doubt: why do women end a relationship? Or, what leads them to make that decision?

Well, today, to clear that doubt, in this entry, I will talk precisely about the main reasons why women end a relationship so that it will be useful for you in the future.

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How To Make Your Kisses Unforgettable?

Make your kisses something magical, desired and a good memory.

There are several characteristics to give a good kiss. Therefore, here we will share some tips to give an unforgettable kiss:


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How To Love A Woman?

Discover the real keys on how to love a woman. A man who wants something serious begins by understanding the meaning of commitment and responsibility.

The man who thinks he loves a woman lives moments of doubt, will I be doing things right? Will I be making her happy? These are questions from a man genuinely interested in knowing how to love a woman.

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Promises Every Man Should Make To His Crush

Today’s women like facts more than words. But, making promises and keeping them they will love and will make them feel safe with us.




Promises Every Man Should Make To His Crush

1. I promise to continue conquering you, day by day.

I promise to continue doing everything I did to win your heart.

2. I promise you that I will try to make the relationship fun.

So we don’t fall into the routine.

3. I promise that I will fight for you.

Because there is always us.

4. I promise to show you off.

Introduce you to my friends, coworkers, and family.

5. I promise to call you when I tell you that I will do that.

Even if I am busy, I will always have time for you.

6. I promise not to ask about your past.

I don’t care, I care about you, here and now.

7. I promise to adore your friends.

Every time you argue with them I promise not to intrude, I am aware that they were long before me.

8. I promise to strive to maintain the existing chemistry between us.

I will always do my best so that passion and chemistry persist.

9. I promise that I will try to satisfy you to the fullest.

Always, you will be my priority.

10. I assure you that our relationship will be a treasure for me.

I will be aware that it is private, only between you and me.

11. I promise that every time you get sick, I will take care of you and prepare you the food that you most want.

12. I promise to respect you, always.