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Phrases and actions that women use to send you to the “Friendzone”

You have accompanied her in her sad moments, in her tantrums, you have met her several couples because you have been waiting for months or even years for her to finally realize that you are the true love of her life.

But even though your friends tell you that she will never listen to you, you still cling to something that will happen sooner or later; So clingy that you have not noticed some signs, that’s why here we tell you so that you immediately leave that girl:

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Things that women find attractive in men according to science

We know that relationships go beyond physical attraction, but we admit that there is a characteristic that can improve the first impressions of women.

There is no shortage of magazines and websites filled with articles on how women can be more attractive to the opposite sex, but what attracts them to men?

Here are five characteristics that make men seem more attractive to women, scientifically proven:

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Aspects That Women Value Most In Men

Relationship and dating expert from the site, Valeria Shapira, made the list of those features that women always expect to see in men.

Present in 25 countries with more than eight languages and reaching in five continents, the dating site has more than 60 million users in Latin America alone.

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Chivalrous gestures that melt any woman

In a world full of not very decent calls at midnight and infidelities it is easy to be disgusted by dating.

As women, they are always prepared for the worst, they proceed with extreme caution in the first months for fear of being victims of the deception of which many men are part.

And it’s a relief when they come across one of those few gentlemen that still remain.

They can see their chivalry even in the smallest actions, and they constantly remind them that there are still good men in the world.

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Ways to seduce a woman

All men have ever wondered how to seduce a woman to fall at their feet, perhaps at a young age, or after suffering several disappointments with the opposite sex.

If you are precisely in that male group, questioning how to seduce women, you have come to the right place because in this entry I will teach you just that, the advice to seduce and conquer a woman. Are you ready? Let’s go there.

It is likely that a moment of your life has come when you are afraid to stay alone, while you see other guys with the woman they want without really knowing how they have managed to get it.

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Steps to turn your friend into your girlfriend

How to connect to a friend? Are you one of those men who * secretly * want to become your friend’s boyfriend? Do you say inside yourself?

If she knew that I’m dying for her, etc or You already declared yourself but she told you “I only love you as a friend”, or “I do not want us to ruin our friendship”, things like that ?.

Or are you telling yourself … today I’ll cheer up and I’ll tell her.

Well, if you have these feelings, let me tell you that you are not alone … I was there too.

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Tips to conquer today’s woman

Although the gallantry in social networks is a new weapon to make women ‘fall’, the gentleman will never go out of fashion.

That is why women still want they open the door for them, bring them the chair and help them with the heavy packages, these are infallible details when it comes to drawing their attention.

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Tips on how to conquer a woman

When a man seeks advice to conquer a girl, he is usually interested in some phrase or compliment to get her attention. Or some detail that allows you to express your feelings.

However, women do not care so much about compliments or gifts.

What really interests them is a man who has character.

For this reason, the best tips for conquering women are about how to improve your personality.

We present you then 3 Tips on how to conquer a woman.

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Tips To Make A Shy Girl Fall In Love

Being shy does not mean not being passionate or wild. It is simply a sense of insecurity or shame felt by a man or a woman in unfamiliar social settings.

And although shyness is often an initial impediment in a relationship – both for the shy and for their potential partner – it is a condition that implies, in most cases, valuable moral standards.

A courtship with a shy person has every chance of being rich and satisfying.

Let me explain why I tell you this.

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How to attract an undecided woman

It is never easy to conquer a girl, but knowing how to attract an indecisive woman can be worse. But that does not mean it’s impossible.

It’s just going to take a little more time. You are an alpha male, is there anything impossible for you?

Surely not.

So you just have to get down to work and you will see how in a short time you can conquer her and if you want her to be your girlfriend you will achieve it.

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