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Perfect Woman For You According To Your Zodiac Sign

She has all those qualities you are looking for in a partner, the defects that you can tolerate and a personality that will make you fall in love.

We all want to find that special person with whom we can start writing a beautiful love story that overcomes all obstacles and can be eternal. Now are the astrologers, who mention who is the perfect woman for you according to your zodiac sign.

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Do You Like A Woman Who Has A Boyfriend? This is what you should know

No doubt this is more common than we would like and I am sure that it has happened to all of us at least once.

For some reason, at some point in our lives, we like a woman and unfortunately, she has a boyfriend.

It is possible that she is giving us input or that we feel seductive, the point is that we decided that we have to try, as we believe that she will leave her current boyfriend and choose us.

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Things That A Woman Says When She Is Not Interested In You

It seems that some men are blind to see reality. Although many usually understand it right away, there are many who do not realize when they are bothering someone or when a woman is not interested in them.

In their inner fantasy, they believe that women are “playing” or are putting them to the test, and in their attempt to get her attention, they behave idiotically, until they are told the truth: “I do not like you. You do not interest me. Leave me alone”

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Things You Should Not Tell A Woman On A First Date

The first dates are a mystery, for me, they are too uncomfortable instances from which we can not escape.

We never know if they feel completely comfortable or if they really want to be there, the signs that should be clear are not and we do not know what to say.


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Things A Man Does On The First Date That Ruin Everything

When the males of the Australian jumping spider or peacock spider mate, they perform a special dance in front of the females; who, depending on the quality of the dance, determine if the specimen has the health necessary to carry out the copulation or if it is only a weak male, from which it may not obtain any benefit.

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Tips to overcome shyness on the first date

A first date is an especially significant moment when two people want to give themselves the opportunity to get to know each other.

Here are some ideas for this first meeting:



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What To Do On The First Date With A Woman

Your first impression is everything, shave, (fix that beard), comb and do not be brave; bathe and get dressed for the occasion.

You could think, but I want you to love me for what I am.

Yes, of course, you want her to accept you for how you are but do not abuse, arranging a bit will not kill you and will give you better results.

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Tips For Going Out With A Girl

Mommy, do we go dancing?

And that’s how it ended all probability that you would go out with a girl.

These “compliments” subtract more than they add. I’m honest, they even bother more than flatter the girl you’re interested in.

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Tips not to scare a woman away

It is not necessary to list a large list of the shortcomings of men that could frighten a woman since if she finds out that he is lying or is not faithful, the woman will run out of his side without thinking.

Likewise, we want to give you some advice so as not to frighten the one you consider the girl of your dreams, especially when she is just in the process of meeting you, as many guys complain not to have received any response from a woman after the first meeting without knowing which was the mistake.

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Mistakes You Should Not Make To Seduce A Woman

When a man likes a woman he will try many things to try to get her.

The truth is that if you do the wrong things you put the odds too much against you and you’re going to take a few disappointments.

I recommend you to be insistent, not with a woman in particular (there are millions available!) If not, that you do not faint in your desire to conquer women but learning techniques and straightening the course when you have to.

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