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Secrets that a woman will never reveal

It is better for a woman to keep certain information since then it can be used against her.

No matter how honest a relationship is, there are small details that most women prefer to omit.

Here are five of them:

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How to know when a woman is angry

Many times the man does not notice, but when women get angry, they usually give some clues.

Some speak little, are less affective or look the other way.

Others, on the contrary, exaggerate their emotions.

See these ten signs and discover if you are in the presence of an angry woman.

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Messages for a woman you just met

When you know a woman you like and you get her number, it is important that you observe and pay attention to the character of the girl, her interests, and everything she likes.

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What women want to hear from a man

The following is the second part of the above video about What women want to hear from a man.

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