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Characteristics Of a Perfect Man According To Women Around The World

A perfect abdomen, a full wallet, and a late-model car are not on the list of perfect man characteristics listed by women around the world. So men can relax a little.

Researchers from the University of Göttingen in Germany and Clue, an app specialized in women’s health, carried out a survey among women around the world to discover what the perfect man is like. The results can surprise anyone.

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Characteristics Of The True Man That All Women Want

Some may say that the chivalry of the male gender is on the decline, but what do women want?

Several women go through life in search of their long-awaited prince charming. But today, finding a man who meets all the characteristics of the demanding list is difficult.

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Exercises to stop premature ejaculation

Exercises to stop premature ejaculation are the healthiest way to make your sexual relationship a satisfying moment.

Of course, all men can sense an orgasm approaching, at which point they only have a few short seconds to decide whether or not to continue.

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Things You Must Prepare To Conquer A Woman

Many times we think that conquering a beautiful woman is only for experts in seduction, but this is not true, you do not need to be the most popular to conquer the woman you want, everything is about security, that’s why here I bring you a couple of things that you should take into account before dating the girl you love.

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Things That Make A Sexy Man Even More Attractive

A man can get women’s attention with the first impression but there are some aspects that make men unique.

A man is capable of drawing women’s attention at first sight if they look only at his physical appearance. Their interest may be further increased if, upon meeting him, they discover that he has a charming personality. But there are some aspects of men that can transform the attractive guys even in more gallant.

Here are some of them. Which ones appeal to you?

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Actions To Raise Testosterone

Hormones play an essential role in the life of a human being, they not only influence growth but also the sexual desire that can be experienced; an example of that is testosterone. However, is it possible to increase its levels naturally?

According to a study by experts Saul L. Miller and Jon K. Maner, from Florida State University, male testosterone levels are affected by natural odors emitted by women, especially during ovulation. Which can increase the passion in the couple.

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10 Easy Tips To Be An Irresistible Man

Seduction, as they often say, is an art. An art that although it takes effort everyone can learn because it takes more than a pretty face to win the heart of someone special. Among men especially, the subject always gives a lot to talk about and is one of the most wanted to get closer to girls, because even today, most people expect the male sex to take the first step.

In today’s article, I will share the ten best tips that you can apply in your life if you want to become irresistible to women.

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Gestures That Cowardly Men Have

Men sometimes let themselves be carried away by their fears and make mistakes, which in general women perceive as ‘cowardly gestures’. We present you the most common:



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Excuses That Women Use To Avoid Getting Married

These excuses are necessary because society simply cannot understand that a woman does not want to marry.

Many women who have other plans for their lives are soon challenged by the social pressure that marriage entails for a woman.


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Things That Make Women Fall In Love

Gallantry and chivalry are things that will never go out of style, don’t forget.

Winning the heart of a woman does not have magic formulas, nor does it require convincing her with ostentatious details, or that the person concerned has a physique equal to that of Brad Pit, not at all, making her fall in love is rather a matter of connection. It’s about making her feel special, unique, making her notice that there is no other better than her. Do you want to know how?, keep reading this article in which we will tell you what are the 4 Things That Make Women Fall In Love.

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