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Tips to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Most men spend their lives in automatic mode with respect to their health, until something finally hits them … and where it hurts the most.

Many men know that their lifestyles are damaging their health, but it is not until it affects their sex life that they really start to do something about it. Fortunately, it’s not too late.

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How is the perfect man for women?

Beyond the physical, they look for a type of men that have 10 qualities or at least most of them.

Take note and discover if you are one of them or what you are missing:

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5 Tips to approach a woman

What conquers a woman is not that the man is so muscular, wealthy, successful, adventurous, funny or the position you have in society.

What allows you to conquer a woman is how you use any of these things if you have one or if you use any other that you have and distinguishes you.

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Characteristics that every woman looks for in a man

It is no secret to anyone, that most men fall in love through their eyes, women, on the other hand, go beyond physical appearance.

Most women want more than that, they look for the complete package, they value a man’s personality and the way in which he tries, however, finding him in this time has become a somewhat difficult task.

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Ways to give security to a woman after having attracted her

I want to clarify that in this video I do not speak of a one-night stand, that is to say of the fact of knowing a woman and going to bed with her in the same night.

Of course, this is possible, but it implies very different things. What I mean now is a relationship in which it is included to meet two or more times before having sex.

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How to forget your ex-girlfriend

Ending a relationship is painful; It does not matter if you have left her or if she has left you.

Maybe if she leaves you it’s harder to cope because you did not expect it, but the feeling is the same. From now on it’s up to you to radically change your routine and stop sharing your time with that person.

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Things a man can do to improve his appearance in the morning

Lately, men are worrying more about their physical appearance much more than before and therefore, there are different important brands that have launched products to establish a special beauty routine for them.

In that sense, everyone likes to dawn with a good appearance in the morning.

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Reasons not to be friends with your ex

After a couple breakup, it is time to make decisions.

One of the most important is to mark the distance from that story to turn the page.

However, many people prolong the attachment through the message “we can be friends”.

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Best Seduction Methods You Should Follow

There are many “myths and legends” about everything you need to do to make a beautiful woman feel attracted to you; exercises, fortune, social position, clothes, perfumes, luxury vehicles.

In short, a whole series of clichés in the best James Bond style that is really impossible to achieve.

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What makes a man more attractive than his appearance?

How many times have we heard the following phrase “she is very attractive, but she is with a man who is not”? Many.

And in love, although attractiveness is very important, it is not everything! And more than one movie reminds us daily.

What makes a man more attractive than his appearance?

What makes a man more attractive than his appearance?

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