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8 Habits That A Self-Confident Man Must Have

Rick Grimes, the protagonist of the television series “The Walking Dead”, is the stereotype of a self-confident man and, therefore, attractive to the female gender.

Before a zombie apocalypse, he was able to lead a group of survivors to get ahead, helped the weak to become strong and, despite the fear, he never stayed static waiting for others to solve his problems.

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Ingredients that make you a more attractive man

Women like men who make them laugh, that is scientifically proven, and it is good news for men who were not born with great physical attractiveness, but besides that, there are other ‘ingredients’ that would make you an irresistible man in front of women and raise your attractiveness.

The expert psychologist Ronald E. Riggio has a column in the specialized portal Psychology Today where he has described what would be the key elements that would increase your attractiveness before women.

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Reasons to stop feeling jealous

In most couples, jealousy is very common but does not help at all, because when it is excessive, it can be the trigger to end your relationship.

Therefore, we have prepared a special with 13 reasons for you to realize that you should not feel jealous.

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Qualities Of The Perfect Man According To Women

How many gentlemen would not like to be that perfect man that all women seek?

Many make great efforts to look like or have the qualities that the girl they want to conquer wants but, since it is not something genuine, it is not constant with time, everything seems to indicate that it is a difficult goal to achieve.


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Ideas To Excite A Woman

One of the most frequent complaints of females regarding their male partners is centered on their genitals, forgetting the rest of their bodies. There are many to choose from.

Each woman is different, so some of the following ideas may work better than others.


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Characteristics Of Gallantry

The world keeps turning, and not for anyone.

Times change, and there are words that are left in disuse, because the concepts they represent, have changed, or ceased to exist.

Some words are born in a specific time and place and then disappear without pain or glory, while others adapt to new times. Such as the gallantry and what characterizes it.

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How To Forget A Girl Who Never Wanted You

Maybe, simply, she did not see you as a candidate.

Or maybe she liked the idea of having someone under her control, and that’s why she gave you hope, hopes that would never materialize, and you saw it one day.

You saw that girl was playing with you when in truth you were nobody for her. You knew that she never loved you, at least not as something that was not a friend, or something to have fun.

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Why Do Women Like Bad Guys?

They always say that they are looking for a good, understanding and sensitive man, that understands them and cares about them.

But at the moment of truth, they end up leaving with the shit that does not comply at all with that definition.

If it is already difficult to understand women, it is still more difficult when it comes to finding out their motivations to do just the opposite of what they proclaim.

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How to introduce yourself to a woman?

In this entry, I present 3 techniques on how to introduce yourself to a woman you do not know, coincidentally one of these days, I found some videos of how to approach women either at the bus stop, in the bank row, at a bar, or in a restaurant.



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How to impress any woman easily?

You are about to discover that the best way to know how to impress any woman is not to give the impression of wanting to do it, that is, that she does not realize that you want to captivate her and attract her to you by impressing her.

You, as a man who uses seduction, will know what techniques to apply for each case as you go up in the seduction of women.

We give you several points about how to impress any woman.

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