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Tips that will help you avoid falling into infidelity

Do you feel that you are about to fall into temptation? Follow these tips to avoid it.

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Things to Avoid to Conquer a Woman

There are many kinds of men such as simple, romantic, rude, timid among others. It does not matter which of these types you feel identified with.

Because when it comes to conquering a woman almost always, however you are, you make some mistakes that really leave you very bad in front of her, causing her rejection quickly.

Even in some cases, they do not even allow you to be their friend. Has this happened to you?

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Factors that affect male sexuality

Male sexuality has always been marked by a series of myths that have given it characteristics, sometimes wrong. This causes certain fears and situations that affect male sexual performance.

The fear of not fulfilling the expectations causes that, according to Dr. Raul Valdebenito, urologist of the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile, anxiety to be present in the sexual life of men, forgetting that sex is an art full of skills and abilities that should be learned.

Therefore, in we present some factors that affect male sexuality:

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Reasons why a woman leaves the man she loves

These are some things that make a woman rethink her relationship.

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Things that men should never wear

Not everything looks like favors them …

Everyone has his style, however, as well as among girls there are certain clothes that should never have been designed, in men’s fashion there are also clothes that they should never wear.

Take note:

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Secrets to Seduce a Woman After an argument

You have argued with your partner and now you do not know how to seduce her again?

Both were in a foolish plan and got angry without saying more than one word? Do you think that anger is stronger than passion?

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Gift suggestions for your girlfriend

There are men who have no attention and much less do not know how to please his girlfriend when the occasion requires it and something that says a lot about the man are those little details of pleasing and making his beloved feel important.

Depending on the type of woman you have by your side, nothing can make her happier than a surprise gift from her lover.

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Steps to overcome shyness with women

The feeling of apprehension when approaching strangers is common, but it can become a great disadvantage for shy men when they want to approach the woman they like.
Here are 5 tips that can really help overcome shyness once and for all and end the nervousness when approaching women.

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How to improve your self-esteem after a love rejection

A love rejection can be a hard test for those who feel that their expectations have been completely broken when they see how their illusions were not returned.

How to overcome a lack of love?

At UnComo we offer you tips on how to improve your self-esteem after suffering a disappointment or a rejection by the person you like.

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Tips to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Most men spend their lives in automatic mode with respect to their health, until something finally hits them … and where it hurts the most.

Many men know that their lifestyles are damaging their health, but it is not until it affects their sex life that they really start to do something about it. Fortunately, it’s not too late.

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