Body language signs she likes you

While women intuitively understand all forms of non-verbal communication, men need more help to understand body language.

“Does she like me?”

The man asks himself without understanding any of the gestures a girl has made in front of him.

Here we offer you 4 decoded gestures so that the next time you look at women’s body language – “Does she like me?”, you will think with certainty – to know what you should do next.

 Body language signs she likes you

1. Imitates your body language.

Imitation of other people’s gestures is one of the strongest signs of empathy, understanding, and desire for rapport.

If she imitates your body language it is a sign that she is interested in you and wants to meet you.

2. Points her feet toward you.

According to Joe Navarro, an expert in non-verbal communication, the feet are the most honest part of the body.

The direction in which we point our feet is a sign of what interests us and what displeases us.

If you talk to a girl and the tip of her feet is directed towards you, it means that you have caught her attention.

But if while you talk you see that the tip of her feet is facing in another direction, it means that she wants to end the talk.

3. Crosses her legs.

The crossing of legs is a classic gesture of female flirting.

In this way, when the girls firmly press one of their thighs against the other, it gives them an appearance of muscular toning that is very attractive for men.
Occasionally, if a woman sits next to you on a sofa, she will cross one leg under the other.

In this position, she will point with a knee to the person in whom she is interested.

4. Moistens her lips.

When a woman moistens her lips maintaining eye contact with you, she is willing to kiss you.

This gesture also has a variant with an identical meaning, when a woman bites her lower lip with her teeth.