Body Language in Women Decoded: Arms and Hands

Today we will talk about the gestures of the arms and hands.

Here is the way to interpret the gestures of the arms:

The expert in nonverbal communication Joe Navarro points out that to correctly interpret the gestures of the arms you should pay attention to the restriction of movements.

When a person is cheerful, they do not restrict their arms and they move freely, even with expansive movements.

However, when the person is in a down mood, the arms are kept close to the trunk.

According to Navarro, this is because the brain orders the arms to protect the trunk -where the vital organs are- of the real or figurative threats.

Body Language in Women Decoded: Arms and Hands

1. Cross arms.

This is a classic gesture of discomfort and stress.

It shows that the person feels defensive, above all, it is used to express their disagreement with something that is being talked about.

If you talk to a woman and she adopts this gesture, review what you may have said or done to get such a response.

Always remember to check the context, if it’s cold she may just be heating up.

2. Hands on the hips.

This is a gesture to establish dominion over a territory.

Women use it less than men, but when they do it means they feel very worried or angry about a problem.

They often place their thumbs forward – which takes away some of the authoritative and angry tones of the posture – but signals intense curiosity and concern.

3. Touching with the palms.

During courtship, couples touch each other with their palms to express comfort with another person.

If the feeling suddenly changes, contact will also end.

If you court a woman and the contact with her palms increases, everything is fine, but if she stops suddenly, see how you could have caused her discomfort.

4. Hands in the pockets, framing the genitals.

This is a typically masculine gesture.

However, some women perform this gesture during courtship to demonstrate dominance, confidence and sexual aggressiveness.

What other gestures of the hands and arms do you know to know what women think?