Big lies that women say

Women are right in that men are simple, however, this does not mean that we are inferior, much less that we are fools; it simply means that we see things as they are, and we do not give them as many turns as they do.

For some reason, they think we suck our fingers. Well, no, what happens is that we pretend – like women – that we believe their lies when the truth is that we simply do not want to fight.

Label your girlfriend when you identify her with one of these lies!

Big lies that women say

1. Size does not matter to me.

Sure … and I guess the size of her breasts either.

2. I do not masturbate.

Hey, really?

Did you know that men do not do that either!?

3. Lend me your cell phone, I no longer have a battery.

Your WhatsApp conversations and your Facebook messages will be reviewed in 3 2 1 … You have just opened the gates of hell.

Good luck friend.

4. I’m not ready to have a boyfriend.

This is one of the easiest lies to translate. It basically means: “I do not like you”.

5. I do not need a man to support me.

Let’s do something: invite her to dinner at least 3 times a week and never pay the bill.

I bet you’ll never see her again.

6. I do not know what happened to me, I’m not like that.

Women are wonderful, but they are also evil, they are!

They captivate you, they trap you, and then, when there is no going back, they become as human as we are.

7. It was on sale.

This actually means: “I spent more than I should have spent, so I’m going to pretend.

” Similar phrases are: “It was not so expensive”, “I just spent …”, “It’s not new, I’ve had it for a long time”.

8. You should not have had!

This more or less means: “Do you have so many years of knowing me and you keep giving me things that you know I do not like and that I will not use?”.

“Does it cost you a lot to pay attention so you know what I really want and need?”

9. My head hurts.

I do not need to explain what this means, but I’ll do it anyway: “So you’re in the mood for action tonight?

Well, I do not want to because I just remembered what you did to me back in 2003!”

10. I will only ask for a salad.

What it really means: “I’m starving, but I’ll pretend.

When I get home, I’ll attack the refrigerator. ” This is commonly done on the first date to give a good impression.

But if they say this after a long relationship, it means they will be eating from your plate …

11. I do not care if you look at other women.

It’s okay to feel that way, but what’s hard to say “what the hell do you see on her!?”

12. Tell me, I’m not going to get mad.

Do not tell her! It’s another trap! Flee!.

Take the first flight away, fake memory loss, say they have just talked to you because your house is on fire or say you just lost your sight.

Whatever it is, but do not fall into that trap!