Best techniques of seduction

The secret to success in the game of dating is undoubtedly right in the approach and in your form of seduction. Rest assured that if you do not try, you will never have a good relationship.

Most people feel intimidated when they want to start a relationship, they feel very pressured to try an approach to someone they do not know and they do not know how they will respond.

Best techniques of seduction

Best techniques of seduction

Breaking the ice is a very important first step in the stressful process of looking for a romance, for that you must use the appropriate words at the right time.

Literally, you can say that in less than 10 seconds you will have fish for a lifetime to get your desired date or you will return home with your tail between your legs.

Taking the initial step is simple, but always has something intimidating.

Psychologists tell us that once we decide and move forward with our purpose, we are placed in a position where we are quickly able to detect if there really is a mutual attraction with our partner.

This may change in each approach attempt, but why are we going to be so hard on ourselves, so let’s take the first step.

While the way to address our partner is very important, it is not less important everything around us, our smile, eye contact, our body communication ……

Here are some tips:

Best techniques of seduction

1. The smile.

The experts in psychology and body language agree that one of the easiest and most immediate ways to be attractive in the first approach is the smile.

An attractive and natural smile is a great quality.

2. The eye contact.

The psychologist at Harvard University Zick Rubin, analyzed the depth with which couples look at each other when they are attracted and how curiously it is lost when someone approaches, even if they do not participate directly, only the visual closeness of a third person breaks the ties of the union that are being generated.

We recommend that you keep your eyes on your partner, even when she has finished speaking.

This way you will be showing that you are really interested in the other person.

3. Body language.

The body language of people gives us as much information as a long conversation can.

You have to analyze gestures and movements, to draw powerful conclusions.

Have you ever wondered why we like and feel closer to people who are like us?

Why do we interpret gestures of our partner as if they were ours, making them our own?

4. Know how to listen.

The other person will feel more important and praised if thinks you are listening to her.

They will feel good about themselves and for both of them, giving all the necessary attention to be impressed.

5. The touch.

Through touch, you will notice how the bonds narrow.

An instant touch can have an electrifying and transmitting effect of how bodies feel at that moment.

The more you like someone, the more you want to touch them and the more they to touch you.

6. Compliments.

Compliments, as long as they are done correctly, will make you feel good.

They can make the other person much more receptive.

It is often said that women are attracted to witty and funny men.

You must show a great sense of humor.

Being funny and even comical at the first contact will always be a good cover letter.

Women do not want to have a comedian 24 hours a day, no, it’s not about that, but they will appreciate an open and friendly character.

Try to make her fall in love with the word, but do not show yourself aggressive and crazy.

You can cause great stress and not make yourself understand.

Also keep in mind that the more you talk, the more people you know, the better things will turn out.

Take it as a training and you will see how each time you will feel surer of yourself.

We hope these tricks help you …